Stop the Slaughter of Racehorses for Meat

Horse racing

Target: Kevin Flanery, President of the Churchill Downs race track

Goal: Ensure all racehorses get a chance at long lives free from the possibility of slaughter

The month of May is known for many things: blooming gardens hinting at summer, Mother’s Day, and the Kentucky Derby. While all of these events sound exciting one is actually an incredibly cruel industry. Each Kentucky Derby features thoroughbred horses and their riders who, for two minutes, race to the finish line to win a blanket of roses, a title and a chance at a longer life. Many of the horses which do not win suffer a terrible fate: they may be sent to slaughter and sold for people in Europe to eat.

Horses are not the only creatures which suffer for the appetites of humans. Cows, pigs, chickens, sheep and other animals are slaughtered for food and used for cruel cosmetics testing. Thoroughbred horses spend a lot of time with humans, becoming stronger and more presentable, and yet are too-often shoved to the side if they do not win the Kentucky Derby. The losing horses may be auctioned off for other work-related purposes, or else shipped oversees and slaughtered.

While all acts of animal cruelty are barbaric, the idea that a horse could be shipped to slaughter so casually after once being such a huge part of a person’s life is atrocious. The thoroughbred horses in the race are typically three-years-old with plenty of life left in them. Surely there is a more compassionate way to ease them into retirement once their racing days are over.

Demand that all racing horses be treated with respect rather than sold to become meat for someone’s dinner table.


Dear Mr. Flanery,

It is my understanding that the only horse typically guaranteed a safe life after racing in the Kentucky Derby is the race’s winner. Not only is this practice incredibly unfortunate for those that partake in the Derby it is an awful fate for any animal, let alone those that were once doted on and practically worshiped.

I urge you to ensure that all horses involved in the Derby have rewarding, meaningful lives after their racing careers and are exempt from being sent to slaughter for their meat. While you may not personally be involved with so-called “kill” auctions your role at Churchill Downs puts you in an excellent position to help end the practice. Please do the right thing and protect these noble animals.


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Photo credit: Softeis via Wikipedia

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  1. Christina Anderson says:

    Horse racing is not the “sport of kings” but rather the occupation of selfish, greedy people who in turn let selfish, greedy people use their horses for food. When will people ever get a clue that no animal needs to die just so they can stuff their disgusting faces??

  2. All sport which involves animals should be banned,these animals do not want to take part in your entertainment where they are used and abused for peoples greed and fun,Maybe then greedy breeders would be more selective and only breed when they know the animal is going to a good home.

  3. Stan Benton says:

    Of course, ban selling race horses for meat. But let’s work on banning horse racing at all. It is barely one small notch above dog fighting or cock fighting on the list of sickeningly inhuman “entertainments”.

  4. ravinder singh says:

    we humans have become insane,monsters using innocent animals and taking their right to live on this planet .worst species on this earth is human race. UGLY in all the senses.

  5. Only humans would reward a animal that gave their all to a human to have it slaughtered (in horrific, cruel, appalling and disgusting ways no less) and then eat them. WE ARE REALLY SICK AND CRUEL PEOPLE.

  6. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

    I’d go a step further and do away with horse
    racing and rodeos altogether!!
    I don’t care if it is “tradition”…It’s animal cruelty, plain and simple and we’re not gonna
    conform to the status quo!!
    We’re not in the 19th Century anymore and it’s
    time to evolve with the changing times!

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