Demand Abusive Veterinarian Have His License Revoked


Target: Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

Goal: Revoke the license of a veterinarian who lied to a family about their dog’s health, and kept animals in inhumane and unsanitary conditions

Last fall, the Harris family of Aledo, TX said goodbye to their beloved family dog, Sid. Sid had been having serious mobility issues, and their vet, Dr. Tierce, informed the family that Sid had an inoperable congenital spine defect that would continue to worsen. The vet recommended euthanasia, to which the family agreed, and so they said their goodbyes to Sid and left the sad details to the vet’s office.

Six months later, a former veterinary technician from the office called the family to let them know that Sid was still alive and being kept in a small cage in unsanitary conditions in the basement. They staged a rescue, and found Sid alive but injured, covered in his own feces and too weak to walk well. Upon taking him to another vet they also discovered that Sid had been tapped for blood transfusions.

After a police raid on his clinic in which two other dogs were seized, Millard Tierce was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty and subsequently released on bail. Since his arrest, three other clients have filed complaints with the state veterinary board. Regardless of the outcome of the animal cruelty charges, this man lied to his clients about the health and life of their beloved pet, and should never be allowed to practice veterinary medicine again. Please sign this petition demanding that the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners revoke Dr. Tierce’s veterinary license immediately and permanently.


Dear Members of the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners,

Your website states that the goal of the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners is to “ensure that Texans are effectively and efficiently served by quality veterinary professionals by setting clear standards for professional conduct, by assuring compliance with the rules of professional conduct and the community standard of care, and seeking solutions to issues that strengthen the profession and protect the public.”

Dr. Millard Tierce has clearly violated the rules of professional conduct by lying to his clients about their pets’ care. His treatment of the Harris family and their dog Sid is both morally reprehensible and professionally indefensible. He abused his privilege as a trusted doctor, and has lost the right to practice veterinary medicine as a licensed professional.

We demand that his license to practice veterinary medicine be immediately and permanently revoked.


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Photo petition: Ildar Sagdejev via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Rosemary Anderson says:

    This is a disgusting abuse of trust as well as animal abuse. This vet should be stripped of his licence never to work with animals again and because of the deception she should be charged and imprisioned. IO feel so sorry for the family.

    • Even if this Vet looses his TX license, he can move to any of the other 49 STATES without a record following. He can practice free & clear! We should be focusing on making Vet Malpractice Nationwide, per state does nothing!!! I am currently trying to get laws changed for NATIONWIDE Vets licenses, if you are signing this petition, please also support mine! Its not just for this vet, but all vets who have committed malpractice! Please like Thors Law FB Page & find out more. Our dog Thor’s Memorial Page was tortured & killed by the negligence of a vet! Despite her being found guilty, us taking her to court (no laws, nothing you can do), & having our dogs necropsy report, She has since killed 3 more dogs! Until we change the laws, like this vet, when she looses her home state Vet license, she has 49 other states she can practice in free & clear without a record, history, or Malpractice to follow her. Pet owners of the USA need to educate themselves on the lack of laws & should be standing behind my by the millions!!!! This vet may loose his license but it wont matter b/c in no time he will be practicing in another state! You really want to make a difference sign & support for Nationwide Regulations!!! I am presenting my petitions to Obama & all 50 state politicians!

  2. roberta sais says:

    This is not a veterinary, his license must be revokated!
    Shame shame shame

  3. charlene lopez says:

    he shold go to jail on animal abus echarges……. loosing his license is not nearly enough

  4. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Put him in jail!

  5. Hunter Hancock says:

    Talk about disgusting

  6. A veterinarian has taken courses to care for animals??? Not to abuse them !!! Please lock him up


  8. He should serve time (lots of it) but honestly, how can anyone agree to having a pet put down & not take the animal home with them for a decent burial? If people claimed their pet/pets he could not have done this. I’m surprised no one mentioned this.

  9. Patricia Wicker says:

    Punish this Demented Bastard!!!!

  10. Vet abuse happens everyday! People don’t always report and the board in charge of taking complaints is run by VETS!!!! I lost my beloved Lucky because of an incompetent vet. We are suing her and the hospital. She withheld information and then lied about it. Did not offer widely accepted treatment missed and ignored clinical signs. I have the many emails proving it and much more. Law suets are limited to purchase price because pets legal status is mere property.
    I wrote a bill to change this and to hold vets responsible. I created a site to promote my bill. please go to AND Take Action. Because despite the animal care industries claim “our pets are family,” they are not held responsible for act of abuse neglect or incompetence because because of the law.

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