Praise Authorities for Arresting Demented Veterinarian

Dogs at a Shetler

Target: President of Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners Bud Alldredge

Goal: Praise witnesses and authorities for arresting sadistic veterinarian

Veterinarian Dr. Lucien Tierce recently had his license suspended when authorities found that he was keeping sick animals alive for months in cramped cages. He was allegedly farming the animals for their blood and performing experiments. Thank the authorities and witnesses for catching this demented doctor.

The Fort Worth-based clinic named Camp Bowie Animal Clinic was searched by authorities, where they found “animal organs in jars” and “stacks of drugs, trash, and laundry” and bugs throughout the premises. Tierce had been telling his clients that he would euthanize their animals, but actually kept them alive for months in cages. Authorities found at least five animals who were supposed to be euthanized, but instead were being farmed.

The search began when a former client told Tierce that her dog needed to be euthanized, but a former employee called her six months later and said that her dog was still alive and was being used for blood transfusions. Tierce also stated in a written report to investigators that his clinic was unsanitary and he did keep five animals alive that were meant to be euthanized. He did not elaborate as to why he kept these animals. One of the five animals Tierce kept lived in a cramped cage for nearly three years, and another one of the animals was one of Tierce’s own pets.

Having to euthanize a pet is a traumatic experience, but knowing that your beloved pet is being experimented on when they are already at death’s door brings unfathomable anger and suffering. Sign this petition and praise the authorities and witnesses responsible for arresting this man for his cruelty.


Dear President Alldredge,

I want to thank the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners and the witnesses that were involved in arresting Dr. Lucien Tierce for performing experiments on animals that were meant to be euthanized. This demented doctor obviously has no compassion for the animals he is working with, and it is sickening to know that he was also mistreating his own pet.

I hope further investigations will reveal why this problem wasn’t reported sooner. I would like to know if the employees at the clinic found his behavior and treatment of animals to be acceptable. I find it disturbing that this vet could get away with such mistreatment, and I hope the investigation will shed more light onto this case.


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Photo credit: Jocelyn Augustino via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Richard and Janet Dankert says:

    Goodbye, Doctor Frankenstein!

  2. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Eliminate this evil scum!

  3. Christina Anderson says:

    Hanging is too good for this low-life scum. Hope this is just the beginning of him getting his!

  4. sherry blue says:

    Thank god for the witnesses and authorities for taking down this monster. He should be locked in a small cage, and injected with every horrible disease known to man in such a way he would suffer a slow horric death. Even that isn’t punishment enough unfortunately.

  5. Marina Nemchinova says:

    That is utterly disgusting and twisted! This person should be isolated from every living being – he’s demented!!

  6. Sherry Goodyear says:

    Get rid of this Dr. Mengele! Harvest his organs then kill him!!!

  7. Sharon Jacobs-Salinas says:

    How any veterinarian could do such a horrific thing to the very animals he is supposed to be treating is incomprehensible! I cannot imagine how the owner’s of these beloved pets feel. To mourn the loss of your beloved pet is so difficult…only to find this MONSTER never euthanized your pet and it was alive and living in filth and being used for blood transfusions so this scumbag vet could cut corners. My heart goes out to the owners. Let it be a wake up call, however. If you love your pet, NEVER dump them off with any vet to be euthanized. I have gone through this heartbreaking ordeal more than I care, but never ONCE did I leave my precious, beloved baby with the vet to be euthanized and just walk away! I stayed with my babies throughout the entire procedure; I spent every moment with my babies before, during and after they were euthanized! I then took them to be cremated. Their ashes are in beautiful marble urns with inscriptions on each. There are many places that do ‘individual’ cremations at little cost. If you cannot afford an urn, you will receive their ashes in a very nice plastic urn that you can keep forever. There are also many ‘pet cemeteries’ where there is perpetual care. If you simply take your beloved pet in to be put down and walk away, you don’t know what becomes of them. They could wind up in the hands of an unscrupulous MONSTER like this vet and if the are indeed put down, their bodies are thrown away in a dumpster piled high with other deceased animals.

    • Neal Bedwell says:

      Agree with this entirely. Don’t just leave your pet to be pas without you being there to make sure it’s done properly.

      It’s also much better for your pet to have you there. It may be painful for you but it’s the greatest love you can shoe your pet to be there for him so he is not alone at the end. Talk to him as he passes. Make him feel safe and loved in your arms as he goes to sleep. We owe them this much after a life together.

  8. Yasmin W says:

    I cannot believe a vet could do something so sickening like this! He needs a bullet!
    Too many sickos in this world!

  9. Sick bastard !!! Lock him up and trow away the keys !!!!

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