Applaud New Law Giving Pets a Voice

Cat talk

Target: Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland

Goal: Encourage pet owners to find humane solutions for troubled, noisy pets

A bill recently passed in Maryland that will ban owners from forcing their pets to get vocal-cord removal surgery so the animal cannot make loud noises. Many owners feel very confused and frustrated when his or her dog barks incessantly; owners often feel that surgery is the best option. However, vocal-cord altering surgeries come with risks during and after the surgery. This legislation is a huge step forward for animal rights; it allows companion animals to have a voice.

Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland recently signed this bill into law. The motivation was simple: owners should try and understand their pets better and attend their needs, rather than stifle the animals’ pleads for attention. Many animals make a lot of noise; domesticated cats and dogs are no exception. With noise levels in range depending on the breed, exercise requirements, discomfort etc., cats and dogs use their voice to communicate. Without this necessary communication tool animals become frustrated, and dogs may resort to biting because their warnings or frustrations cannot be communicated.

Of course, there are some legislators who believe that Maryland should allow owners to have their pets vocal cords removed. These arguments stem from frustrated owners who, if they cannot have the surgery performed, will ditch their pet at an animal shelter. This is a legitimate concern, though could be combated with frequent and in depth encouragement for owners to communicate more efficiently with their pets. Animals do not make a lot of noise for no reason; there is always a reason for incessant barking or mewing. The dog may not be getting adequate exercise and the cat may have a legitimate discomfort that needs medical attention.

This bill is a necessary milestone for Maryland. Owners must find more efficient ways to communicate with their pets and work harder at satisfying their needs. This bill will help companion animals be understood; this accomplishment is so important for the future of companion animals.


Dear Gov. Martin O’Malley,

I am writing to extend my appreciations for the newly signed bill that will ban pet owners from having their pet’s vocal cords removed. This is a monumental step in companion animal rights and I sincerely thank you.

Owners should not be allowed to simply have their pet’s vocal cords removed because the pet’s noise is incessant. There is always a reason that the animal makes a ton of noise, and this will hopefully encourage animal owners to strive to better understand their pet. Animals everywhere need a helping hand wherever they can get it; know that you are helping the companion animals of Maryland become well understood. This, sir, is phenomenal and so important. Thank you.


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  1. Stan Benton says:

    It has been my understanding for a couple of years that vets around the U.S. will not do the vocal cord surgery, unless it is part of some life saving surgery like for some sort of throat cancer. But it is good to have such surgery outlawed. One of my dogs will never stop barking once she gets excited. I do have a battery powered device that emits some sort of high pitched sound that makes her shut up, but I also hear that that hurts the ears of the other dogs as well. Maybe a comfortable muzzle would help?

  2. Cecily Colloby. says:

    I wasn’t even aware that such cruelty WAS legal in America!!! Pity they don’t do it to a few people,namely those who are happy to do it to their pets.What with de-clawing and de-voicing, why the hell do these idiots have pets in the first place???

  3. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Oh my gosh I never knew people even done this to their pets!! Evil & disgusting! and so is anyone who would perform such a surgery!!
    Thank you so very much for this bill!!!

  4. T Bruning says:

    I have never heard of this. What sort of vet would do this to an animal? Not one I’d ever take my pets to. A vet who would do this unnecessary surgery should be deregistered.

  5. Michelle Wrona says:

    Wow I thank you so greatly. This gives me hope to my everlasting dream of how in harmony the world will be between its humans, earth, and its earthlings. I bow down to you in gratitude. Namaste.

  6. I didn’t know that there was a bill like that and it actually passed somewhere. That is just so cruel, they’re treating animals as if they’re machines that you can turn on and off. I’m in support of anything for animal rights so I hope your petition gets granted.

  7. Nena Miller says:

    This should apply to the poor animals in the labs in this country as well. They have no voice, they have no rights, they have no one to love them

  8. Lucy Kelly says:

    Whoever cuts an animals vocal chords is mentally ill and unfit to keep animals. The same goes for those who remove their claws or trim their ears or breed their noses away. People who dont want animals to be intact shouldnt have animals.

  9. Sharon Jacobs-Salinas says:

    Yes, there should be a stop to this in EVERY state! This is beyond cruelty. I don’t think the only evil doers here are veterinarians, but the PER OWNER is even more at fault! Any pet owner who would have a vet to this to their pet has no business owning a pet. Removing a beloved pets vocal chords is inhumane to the extreme. The same with having a kitten or cat declawed! It’s cruelty, inhumane and unnecessary plus the kitten, cat is in pain for the rest of it’s life. The simple chore of using the litter box causes excruciating pain! You leave your kitten/cat without any means of defense! I say anyone who wants to cut a pets vocal chords so it doesn’t make any noise and ‘bother’ the pet owner has no business with a pet in the first place! And I’d like to declaw any scumbag who has a kitten or cat declawed! Dogs bark, kittens and cats meow … kittens and cats scratch … all this is in their nature. If you can’t handle it then you don’t need an animal. GET A STUFFED DOG OR CAT !! They won’t bother you and you don’t have to feed or play with them either. Altering in either of these ways is downright mean, hateful, cruel and inhumane!

  10. Yasmin W says:

    WTF?????? I didn’t even know this existed! Why the hell would owners do this?? Seriously, you do not devoice your child if they won’t stop crying/screaming, so why do it to another lifeform??
    Some people need a bullet!!!!!

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