Groomer Accused of Kicking Dog to Death Must be Punished

Target: Penny Penn, District Attorney, Forsyth County, Georgia

Goal: Punish groomer accused of kicking a dog named Meko to death and lying to his owners about it.

A dog groomer has been arrested and charged with cruelty to animals for allegedly killing a dog within her care. Michelle Louise Root, owner of Paw’sh Paws in Gainesville, Georgia was accused by an employee of kicking a customer’s dog to death. The employee stated that she saw Root chasing the dog, named Meko, throughout the premises before choking him with the grooming lead and kicking him repeatedly.

When Meko’s guardian arrived, Root and her husband reportedly lied and said that the unresponsive dog must have had a seizure. The concerned owners transported Meko to a nearby animal hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Necropsy reports revealed extensive bruising and internal injuries, which would have been consistent with the employee’s account of what happened.

A few days later, another employee came forward to corroborate the story. She said that the attack was completely unprovoked and that Meko was so terrified that he “evacuated his bowels.” Both employees said that this was not the first time they had witnessed Root abuse animals within her care.

When a beloved pet is dropped off at a groomer, trainer, or boarder, owners expect it to be take care of. This alleged attack is shocking and should result in the end of this woman’s career as a groomer. Sign the petition below to ask the prosecutor to seek the maximum possible penalty in this case, as well as a lifetime ban on owning or caring for animals.


Dear Mrs. Penn,

Michelle Louise Root, owner of Paw’sh Paws dog grooming shop, has recently been charged with animal cruelty for allegedly kicking a dog to death. Employees at the shop told police that they saw Root chasing the dog, choking him with a grooming lead, and kicking him repeatedly. The dog was pronounced dead soon after the alleged attack. A necropsy revealed injuries consistent with a beating like the employees described.

The employees also claimed that this was not the first time they had witnessed Root abusing animals. Someone with this sort of attitude has no business caring for other people’s pets. In order to save more animals from abuse, we ask you to not only punish her harshly if she is found guilty, but to seek to ban Root from owning or caring for animals.


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Photo credit: David Locke

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  1. Robert Miller says:

    The employees who stood by and watched are just as culpable.. If this was my dog I’d be on trial.. I can’t even imagine what this poor dog went through!

  2. I signed the petition. I agree with what everyone said. Instead of taking a risk of having our pets mistreated and abused by some psychopath who doesn’t like animals, just take care of our pets ourselves. We boarded our cats at our local vet one time when my mother and I went on a bus trip for the day. We didn’t get back until that night. So we picked up the cats the next day. Luckily they were in good shape when we brought them home. It was obvious that they had been well-cared for and not mistreated. But I wouldn’t let anyone else care for my cats. Not even any relatives. I have some relatives who don’t even give cats the time of day. They just put them in a barn and forget about them. But I take care of my cats better than that. If that woman didn’t want to deal with grooming a dog, she should not have applied for the job. And I agree that those other employees are just as guilty, for not taking up for the poor dog. Spineless wimps. I believe if you see an animal being abused, you should stand up for them. Stop the person or persons from abusing that animal. Hope Ms Root never comes in contact with any animals again.

  3. Donna Poore Shook says:

    This is so sad. To think how terrified this poor, innocent dog must have been, makes me almost sick to my stomach. For this dog to have been beaten to death, it is just horrific to even think about someone doing this. Please ensure this person is sentenced with maximum punishment. They deserve no less than a long prison sentence. The person(s) involved should also never be allowed to be around, let alone own, any animals for the rest of their lives. This dog and it’s family deserves justice. All vets and groomers should be required to have cameras to ensure the safety of animals.

    • If that had of been my dog, I would
      be on Trial right now FOR BEATING THAT

  4. Elaine Milbourn says:

    What an evil bitch. She should certainly never be allowed near another animal. The law needs to be strengthened to deal with filth like this. Why on earth didn’t the other people intervene when this was happening?

  5. The South seems to be full of animal abusers and this one is a groomer. This is very sad because someone you trust to take care of your pet is an abuser. I hope this sicko gets his or her license taken away in addition to permanent incarceration. This is murder regardless of the fact it was a dog and not a human.

  6. Who say’s we shouldn’t do the same?

  7. Why did the other person stand there and let it happen?!!

  8. Tamara Williams says:

    I hope someone kills her.

  9. This depraved woman needs to be punished to the max, which is never harsh enough. Needs to be removed from society (permanently if possible) – locked up for a LONG time. Never allowed near animals again when let out, given a HUGE fine too.
    Disgusting excuse of human being.

  10. hay que patearlo a el por hijo de puta

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