Ban Foie Gras in Restaurants

Foie Gras

Target: Governor of California Jerry Brown

Goal: Ban the use and sale of foie gras in California restaurants

A federal judge recently overturned a ban on foie gras in California, a decision that was celebrated by chefs. Animal welfare activists, however, are protesting the decision. Foie gras is produced by overfeeding ducks and geese in a painful process to fatten their liver. Foie gras is commonly used as a spread and is considered a delicacy, but animals shouldn’t be force fed and then killed to satisfy a human craving. Sign this petition and tell Governor Jerry Brown to ban the use of this cruel food product in restaurants.

The issue of banning foie gras has been hotly contested by companies and restaurants. In 2012, California issued a ban on foie gras that upset chefs and eaters. For several years they battled against the ban until a federal judge overturned the decision. However, animal rights and welfare groups, such as PETA, have begun protesting once more. Many chefs want the item back on their menu as many customers enjoy and demand the product. To restaurants, foie gras is a great selling point.

Acquiring foie gras requires force feeding ducks or geese. The first four weeks of a duck or goose’s life is spent being force fed a high-protein, high-starch diet meant to make the animal grow rapidly. The animals spend much of this time in small cramped cages in semi-darkness; they are not allowed outside and get very little exercise. Everyday these animals eat four pounds of food that is forced down their necks through a feeding tube. Feeding through this process can make the liver grow as much as 10 times its normal size, and oftentimes results in the painful death of the bird.

Animal activists realized how cruel and inhumane it is to make this product. No animal should ever be subjected to this procedure, but humans are willing to force feed an animal to obtain a delicacy. Do not let this abuse continue. Sign this petition and urge Governor Jerry Brown to issue a ban on foie gras across the state.


Dear Governor Brown,

Recently, California’s ban on foie gras was lifted by a federal judge. It is unfortunate that this decision was made, as foie gras requires an animal to be abused. Why California, or any other state, would sanction such treatment is beyond me. As I’m sure you’re aware of how this product is made, I urge you to think of yourself in the place of the duck or goose that is being force fed. If a human were treated this way, I’m sure you and many other people would protest. I don’t understand why humans cannot summon the same sympathy for another living creature.

I implore you to reinstate this ban on foie gras. I understand that many restaurants will be angered by this decision, but we humans shouldn’t condone animal cruelty–we should be fighting against it.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Jerome S. via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. For years public opinion is so against this evil,wicked barbaric act of greed and cruelty, why is the government not stopping this, what about the five freedoms of all animals, how come they are still getting away with this, animal protection it seems is just about domestic animals and thankfully there are prosecutions, but animals in the food chain have no rights we should all campaign harder to stop this act, the people who eat this pate’ are as bad as the perpetrators of such cruelty if not worse as if they stop buying it the greedy few would have to stop this heinous cruelty.

  2. i would so love to shove the same stuff down these idiots throats just to let them see how it feels, what a wicked way to earn a living, your really are low human beings and worth nothing,

  3. Sandra Zaninovich says:

    This was devastating when this ban was repealed. Let’s sign every petition and go to every protest that we can, contact Jerry Brown, anything, to get it reinstated. This is a tragedy and a travesty. Finally something good happens for animals, only to be snatched away. Repulsive and horrific.

  4. Sam Outhorn says:

    The ‘industry’ should have been banned in France ages ago. Instead it was ‘refined’ and caught on: Hungary, Bulgaria, USA and, of course, China. Where even pigs are submitted to a similar gavage in some areas, then used for contests and festivals, and killed in an utterly savage manner. Disgraceful ‘traditions’, the lot of them. And the sooner they are made to disappear the better!

  5. Mrs. Trish Geidel says:


  6. No words strong enuf to describe the disgust I feel.

  7. Foie gras is a heinously inhumane & unhealthy food banned in over a dozen countries. It is served in many restaurants throughout the U.S., yet an abundance of uninformed consumers truly have no idea of what they’re eating. There is NO proper defense for cruelty to & abuse of ducks & geese … the BAN shall be reinstated … it’s the right thing to do … to inflict such suffering on animals, on living beings, CANNOT be legal! Society will NOT allow such unconscionable, brutal and callous indifference! LEAVE THE DUCKS AND GEESE ALONE!

  8. Elena Marti says:

    It is so nice to realise that there are people around, who are shocked at the sadistic treatment of animals and who openly demand to stop the cruel pratices.
    What we actually could not say about Switzerland. Up here people cannot express themselves openly and have to supress their anger.

    It is normal that foie gras is on sell here in restaurants and in special “gourmet” shops (e.G in the airport of Zürich).
    They call it gourmet – delicacy for a bunch of snobs, the pain and suffering of the poor birds do not interest them. Authorities pretend not to see this.

    The same you could tell about fur coats wearing here by the temparature +10. Nobody really takes measures to shut down the fur trading shops. I believe every person wearing a fur coat should be put to shame publicly.
    The demand on foie gras and on fur coats come most of all from Russian empoyees, expatriats, here in Switzerland.
    It is a shame for these human beings, who care only about their prestige. And again, Swiss authorities does not react.

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