Save Vulnerable Bird from French Menus

Target: Gérard Larcher, President of the French Senate

Goal: Protect ortolan bunting from being hunted for food in France.

A group of French chefs are lobbying to get the vulnerable ortolan bunting allowed back on restaurant menus, ending a ban on hunting the species that has been in place for ten years. The methods of capturing the tiny bird are inordinately cruel; the poor creatures are trapped in confining spaces and forced to gorge on grain, then drowned in brandy that serves the double purpose of killing and flavoring them at the same time. The methods of eating the bird are just as bone-chilling as the manner of their death. As many as 30,000 live birds were captured and killed each year between 1997 and 2007.

These innocent creatures do not deserve such a horrifying fate. The way these birds are treated is on par with force-feeding geese to produce foie gras, or pumping livestock with hormones to increase the quantity of meat on their bones. It is disgusting and inhumane, and under no circumstances should the ban on hunting the ortolan be lifted even slightly. These birds deserve better than to be captured, force-fed, and drowned.

Do not let these chefs disrupt the ban on hunting and killing these birds. Sign this petition to demand the continued protection of the ortolan bunting.


Dear President Larcher,

A group of chefs are lobbying to lift a ban on the hunting of the vulnerable ortolan bunting, a bird cruelly captured and gruesomely killed for food for decades. The population suffered a severe loss from 1997 to 2007, when the ban was enacted, and while no longer critically endangered, the species is not yet fully safe.

The manner in which the birds are captured and killed is disgusting and inhumane. They do not deserved to be trapped, force-fed, and drowned for the sake of fancy eating. The species will suffer another major drop should the ban be lifted, and possibly go extinct. You must ensure that the ban stays in place in order to protect the ortolan from such a horrific fate.


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Photo Credit: Pierre Dalous

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  1. Denise Devereux says:

    Bloody ignorant COOKS. Educate yourself. Other species on this planet are not there for you and your kind to eradicate.
    May the Wraith of God come down on you like a spear and hurt you and yours where you will hurt most.

  2. Nooshin Perla says:

    Gee, French are worst than Chines. They will eat SH.. too! God have mercy. Perhaps this is their problem. NO BRAIN!

  3. Gérard LARCHER/vétérinaire et président du Sénat est lui-même chasseur et il mange tous les animaux de sa chasse : comme beaucoup de membres du gouvernement.

    Les Chefs Français qui font pression pour que cette chasse reprenne (car malgré l’interdiction beaucoup ont continué à chasser ce petit oiseau) savent ce qu’ils font en interpelant M. LARCHER, ils savent qu’il fera son maximum pour autoriser à nouveau cette chasse.

  4. Isn’t there enough dead animal on menus?

  5. I used to think that France was a progressive good hearted nation but after all the things they have on the menu and there fashion week, I am not so sure anymore. They need to do better, we all need to do better.

  6. Is there anything else they want to eat? The french really are disgusting with their revolting cuisine- they will eat anything, even little songbirds passing over the country are not safe from their foul greed.

  7. Carmen Rocco says:

    Cruelty and evil you are worse than the Chinese.Do not travel to France ban their cuisine .
    I used to think you are kind hearted people but this is shocking as well your fashion with all the fur trade.
    Shame shame very evil

  8. Cruel bastards what’s wrong with people in this world should be taken off this earth

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️??

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