Investigate the Deaths of 25 Cats Found in Woods


Target: Yonkers Police Commissioner, Charles Gardner

Goal: Ask police officers to investigate the deaths of cats found in plastic bags hung on trees in the woods

City sanitation workers doing their annual cleanup of the woods discovered a horrific scene as they were cleaning in Yonkers, New York. Around twenty-five to thirty black plastic bags were discovered suspended from tree branches and inside they found dead cats, hung one by one in separate bags and carefully tied around different branches of the tree.

This was an awful scene for law enforcement to make sense of. From afar the bags looked like normal trash bags, and because the area is a popular dumping ground for garbage, it didn’t look suspicious until closer inspection. The number of cats killed is what law enforcement questioned first, because it is an unusually high number for this year alone. Upon further investigation, it appeared that the cats were dead prior to being put into the plastic bags because they would easily have clawed their way out.

Officials are still trying to figure out whether all of the dead cats were feral or domesticated. There was no evidence that the animals were used in any sacrificial ceremonies, but all of the cats did vary in age and stage of decay. Officials stated that it was too soon to say whether someone killed the animals or was just disposing them. According to news reports, animal autopsies are planned but there are no leads as to who did this or caused this.


Dear Commissioner Charles Gardner,

Thank you for opening an investigation into the mysterious findings of over 25 dead cats in the woods of Yonkers, New York. This type of crime is highly unusual, therefore the investigation may have many different outcomes. Witnesses around the area mentioned in reports that they heard there was an individual poisoning cats around the woods. Please do not let the perpetrators walk away free if they are harming neighborhood cats.

Although there is no evidence of this incident being a part of a ritual or ceremonial sacrifice, it would be good to look into it to make sure that it isn’t. If it turns out that someone has been harming people’s pets and hanging them, that deserves much further investigation.

Please take into consideration that these cats might have been someone’s beloved pets. Until it is clear that they are feral cats, then it should be treated as a heinous crime.


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Photo Credit: DRL via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. This is a heinous crime regardless of whether they were someone’s pet or feral. Feral cats deserve to live also.

    • Totally agree. In fact, I just e-mailed the originator of this petition that they change that whole sentence;Actually the petition is inaccurate – because tests done on 3 of the murdered cats revealed that they were killed by having their heads bashed. (oh, dear God!!)
      Additionally, Please modify this: “Until it is clear that they are feral cats, then it should be treated as a heinous crime” to EXAMPLE: whether someone’s pet or a feral cat, this should be treated as a heinous crime.

  2. Barbara Griffith says:

    Its to bad we can’t bring back the Guillotine to use on people like these. Who ever did this it looks very planned out. They would have used 25 garbage bags to put the cat bodies in and hung them from trees. The person wanted them to be found is what it looks like. I am in favor of the Guillotine to be used on convicted killers instead of locking them up for years on death row with 3 hots and a cot at taxpayer expense. It would be quick and painless.

  3. jeffrey kramer says:

    At first upon reading about these two horrific stories, My first reaction is to suggest that we take these stains on the human race and –instead of sending animals like MARIUS the giraffe of the Denmark zoo to the lions– we should throw people like these to lions and save animals like Marius.But if we are ever to prevent these incidents, we at least must attempt to understand them. I say lock them up–but study them to penetrate their minds. And most importantly, along with early reading and writing, an early ecology should be given to youngsters to connect them to “animal societies,” and not just human society.

  4. Miriam Leiseroff says:

    This is sickening. I agree with a lot of comments that have been made. People like this should be punished, but in this case it is unfortunate that we live in a democratic society, and in the 21st century. Guillutines, throwing these perverts to the lions, it just can’t be done today. Stoning to death would be another nice punishment, but we are living in a western and civilized world! I just hope they find whoever did this heinous act and put a bullit in his head while he’s trying to escape (that’ll never happen…) Deep in my heart I hope the cats didn’t suffer too much.

  5. This is just horrible. WHO would do something like this? There are some sick, sick people in the world. Even feral cats deserve better. Much, much better.

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