Ban Trophy Hunting

Target: Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa

Goal: Ban trophy hunting in South Africa.

South Africa’s wildlife is in severe danger of extinction due to trophy hunting, a sport enjoyed by rich white men who take pride in killing innocent animals solely for the thrill of it. Among this past year’s casualties were Cecil the lion, the beloved star attraction of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, and the largest bull elephant on the continent. Trophy hunters reportedly claim that their hobby is “important” to Africa’s economy, but in truth, it brings in a fraction of what people pay in order to see and take pictures of the continent’s wildlife.

We cannot allow these callous hunters to continue their cruel and inhumane sport. Too many African species have been almost completely wiped out by poachers and habitat loss, and to know that lions, elephants, and other animals could become completely extinct due to the selfish actions of trophy hunters is horrifying. Trophy hunting does nothing to bolster the continent’s economy, and is completely unnecessary.

We must protect what remains of South African wildlife before it is too late. Sign this petition to demand a full ban of trophy hunting on the continent.


Dear President Zuma,

Trophy hunters are threatening to completely demolish what remains of South African wildlife. Among the casualties have been Cecil the lion and the largest bull elephant on the continent, with hunters claiming that their actions were perfectly justified and that their hobby is “important” to Africa’s economy. Not only are their assertions completely selfish, they are incorrect, as eco-tourism brings in far more than the heads of their “prizes” ever could.

You must put a stop to this cruel sport of killing animals for the glory of it. Wild animals have the right to live peacefully, to not have their lives stolen by greedy hunters. Please ban trophy hunting completely, to protect the remaining wildlife and allow them to regrow their numbers.


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Photo Credit: Daughter#3

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  1. lynn woods says:

    these sickening cowards think they are so brave by killing animals why don’t they put their big guns down then face the animal they’re real brave when carrying a loaded gun they are sadistic bastards all of them


  3. Jeannette Allan says:

    Those trophy hunters are pathetic cowardly specimens who are insecure in their skins as men, and insecure in their masculinity. They try to validate their “bravery “. and prop up their “ manhood “ by killing those beautiful noble animals, so they can show off their disgusting trophies. We all know where those weak scurrilous creeps are coming from. The kind of degenerates who would shove the women and children off , to get on a lifeboat on the Titanic.

  4. Trophy hunting should be banned all across the world! All it’s doing is wiping out species! If you want to hunt something, turn loose the vilest of criminals and have at it!

  5. Gigi Middlebrook says:

    Trophy hunting is an abomination. These people make me sick and all of their heads of majestic animals should be burned and trophy hunting needs to be banned. This is ONLY a rich man’s sport and I’d like to see all of these men’s heads on walls instead. Let’s make it legal to shoot trophy hunters! LOL

  6. Trophy hunting is sickening. There is a big difference in hunting animals for food and hunting animals just so they can stuff them and show off what a “great hunter” they are. Those people make me sick. They are the ones that are the animals and should be hunted, stuffed and mounted so people can see what despicable and disgusting looks like.

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