End Trade of Tiger Parts by China

sumatran tiger

Target: President of China, Xi Jinping

Goal: Outlaw the trade of tiger parts in China and help the wild tiger populations flourish

More tigers now live in captivity than in the wild. This is largely due to the lucrative business of tiger farming for entertainment and commodity. Tigers are also plucked from the wild for their parts, due to the appeal of wild tiger bone tea and other supposedly “healing” animal-bone consumables. Tigers are severely mistreated and threatened in both captivity and the wild. In order to end the exploitation that haunts the tigers’ existence, action must be taken by the Chinese government.

Tiger farms in China are extremely powerful and wealthy, as well as protective of their market: tigers bred for human entertainment and consumption. These farms have little interest in helping wild tigers flourish, and current Chinese laws help captive tiger operations stay in business. Selling captive tiger pelts and bones for tea perpetuates disregard for the importance of wild tiger populations. China supports the domestication and breeding of wildlife, as well as the appropriation of wildlife resources. In order to foster change for the wild tiger populations, utilization of wildlife resources must be heavily monitored, and tiger farms must be held accountable for slaughtering tigers in order to use their pelts, bones, or any other body part. The farms must be responsible for their role in the decline of wild tigers.

Sign this petition to urge China’s president, Xi Jinping, to outlaw the tiger-part market. Tiger farms should no longer be allowed to raise tigers for human want.


Dear President Jinping,

Tiger farms in China are not conducive to a healthy wild tiger population. Allowing tiger farms to kill captive-bred tigers in order to sell their pelts and bones perpetuates disregard for the importance of wild tiger populations. There are currently more tigers in captivity than there are in the wild; this statistic is haunting and dangerous.

In order to end the trade of tiger parts, change must happen inside of tiger farms. If people are not accustomed to acquiring tiger body parts, the demand will fall and wild tiger populations will have a chance to regain numbers. Tigers are not difficult breeders. If the wild populations were left alone, they would no longer be threatened with extinction.

I urge you, President Jinping, to heavily monitor tiger farms and outlaw killing tigers for their body parts, domestic or wild. Please help save all wild tiger populations by outlawing the animal part trade.


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Photo credit: Arddu via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Ravinder Singh says:

    China monsters, backward people with hearts of devils.

    • Bad PEOPLE not just China, as Indian ppl take them Tigers, African take them Ivory/Rhino horn. UK experiments on animals, USA has awful farms keeping animals in tiny cages. Korean eat dogs, Jap kill dolphins…..Need me to go on???

      We MUST ALL stop the evil ppl near us doing these crimes against animals.

      • Agree about your post, but people in China, Japan and North Korea do NOTHING to fight against the ignorant evil people in those places. The brutality, abuse, cruelty and disgusting way the treat animals is over the top and makes the rest of us sick, they are the most disgusting horrible and ignorant people in this planet.
        About UK and US farms abusing animals but we fight against and people get fined, punished and also goto jail for crimes against INNOCENT DEFENSELESS ANIMALS! Check the last PETA uncover investigation in china, they are killing DOGS FOR LEATHER!

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