Ban Cruel Bull Fighting in Colombia


Target: President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos

Goal: Ban bull fighting in Colombia

Bull fighting is a tradition in Colombia, where many citizens partake in a cruel sport that brutally kills bulls. These animals are placed in a ring where bull fighters, and sometimes the audience, taunt the bull while avoiding infjury. In the end, the animal is killed with swords, knives, and other implements in a display of male strength and amusement for the audience. This entertainment has been dubbed inhumane and abusive by many animal rights activists, but Colombian citizens vehemently support this tradition. Urge the President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos to ban this sport immediately.

In the town of Turbaco, citizens participated in corraleja, which is a type of bull fighting where members of the audience are allowed to participate. Normally only the bull fighters are allowed in the ring, but a recent event has sparked outrage in the animal rights community. Footage and images from the corraleja in Turbaco revealed citizens taking turns taunting a bull, chasing it down, and then killing it with machetes, knives, and kicks. This animal did not have the chance to run away from its pursuers, since it was placed in a ring. To anyone with a compassionate heart, this scene is barbaric, cruel, and is a prime example as to why bull fighting should be banned.

The practice is forbidden in Colombia’s capital, yet it remains popular in the rural areas of the nation. Unfortunately, bull fighting is still supported by certain government officials, such as the mayor of Turbaco. Myron Martinez is defending the sport because it is considered a local tradition, but even the federal government disagrees. The Ministry of Culture stated that it would look into the matter and conduct a public debate.

Bull fighting is considered by many to be an evil and heartless sport, where the animals involved are at the mercy of humans. If you want this violent tradition to stop, please sign this petition and urge President Juan Manuel Santos to abolish the sport immediately.


Dear President Juan Manuel Santos,

I find bull fighting to be abhorrent, and I cannot believe that human beings would willingly participate in such an event. I am glad that it is outlawed in your nation’s capital, but this ban needs to be implemented nationally. News outlets have reported on the corraleja that took place in Turbaco, and animal rights activists have expressed their hatred for the sport. Surely you can sympathize with their outrage. If it were you or another human being placed in that ring, would you be able to watch or participate in the creature’s demise? I think not.

I beg you to make this sport illegal nationwide. Bulls and horses are not meant for this kind of barbaric entertainment. It is cruel to subject an animal to such torture for entertainment’s sake. Please stop the mistreatment of animals and end bull fighting in Colombia.


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Photo credit: Orhbeliever via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Not very high class society. Ashamed.

  2. All of South America is like this from the photos I have seen of the dogs that run loose and are starving. Their horses and donkeys look the same way. These are some of the same people that President Obama wants to throw our borders open to. I just thought that folks on this blog need to know that bit of information. I signed the petition but nothing will be done to stop the cruelty the petition will be tossed in the trash can.

  3. Claudia Ferri says:

    Bullfighting is borne of a sick demented and twisted society, fed by corporate greed hatred and madness.
    Ban this vile practise before it’s TOO LATE for us

  4. Karen Remnant says:

    This is not a sport! It’s animal cruelty! Unfortunately this country is not ashamed by anything it does, corruption is a way of life for them. They don’t care about the people so animals have no hope!

  5. Terrie Phillips says:

    This is and has been a training ground for the scum of the earth. When you can cheer on torturers of scared, helpless animals you destroy inner compassion and replace it with hate. The more cruel and vicious the tormenter gets the more the crowd thirsts for misery and suffering for the animal. See…. the way their culture treats animals mirror the way they treat their people. The spilling of animal blood goes hand in hand with the spilling of human blood. They get their training at the expense of innocent animals and call it culture! SICK!!!

  6. The EU (European Union)subsidizes bullfights in European countries that allow it (Spain, Portugal & France (Nimes). While the EU supposedly frowns upon baby seal killing and cosmetic animal testing, it still allows bullfighting to be subsidized by tax payers of member-countries. I can never fathom such hypocrisy! Why is the suffering of one animal less important than the suffering of another?

  7. You call that a SPORT ???? I call it MURDER ….

  8. Sonja Talboys says:

    BULL FIGHTING A SPORT??????????I don’t think so, it is just digracefill immoral and very very cruel and should be banned world wide. Perhaps the bull should change place with the psycopaths that do this evil act of cruelty let this scum feel the pain I’ll bet that would be stopped. This is MURDER and should be stopped NOW.

  9. This is a cruel and despicable event and these people should go to jail for participating in abusing innocent animals!!! These people are ignorant and vicious.

  10. Put the human bastards in the same ring with the bulls with the same skills the animals have to defend themselves, ONLY THEIR HANDS, LET’S SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

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