Urge Harsher Punishment for Animal Abusers


Target: Owner of Wiese Brothers Farm

Goal: Dismiss indefinitely two accused animal abusers from working at a farm

Last year two workers at the Wiese Brothers Farm were caught abusing animals at the farm and were sentenced to a court hearing, which happened very recently. The hearing acknowledged the wrongful abuse and doled out moderate fines to the two workers; however, one worker is already working on the farm again and the other is said to possibly be rehired in the near future. This is inappropriate and a poor decision from the owner of the farm. These individuals must be let go from their positions permanently so the abuse is put to an end for good.

The two individuals, Abelardo Jaimes and Lucia Martinez were filmed by animal activists abusing cows at the farm. The cows at the farm were there for rehabilitation; the cows were either sick or considered “down”, meaning they needed to literally get back on their feet to have a chance for survival. The video that Mercy for Animals captured showed the two accused kicking, stomping and striking the cows with different objects including sticks and coils. Jaimes was charged a fine of $709.50 and Martinez $1,292 for this mistreatment.

Jaimes has already resumed his position at the farm, which is an appalling decision on behalf of the farm’s owners. Martinez has a chance of working on the farm again in the near future. These two individuals should be dismissed from their positions at the farm indefinitely, with absolutely no chance of rehiring there or at any other farm. The fines were not very steep considering the abusive mistreatment these cows faced; there is no proof these two people will not harm the cows again. Sign this petition to urge that these two are let go from their positions at the farm indefinitely.


Dear Wiese Brothers Farm,

In a full statement to ABC News your company released knowledge that two employees who were recorded abusing cows were terminated from their positions. However, the lawyers involved in Mr. Jaimes and Ms. Martinez’s case disclosed that Jaimes has returned to his position on the farm, and Ms. Martinez may do so as well in the near future. I am very saddened by this news and urge you to consider the crime and reconsider rehiring these abusive individuals.

The cows that reside at the rehabilitation center of your farm are put under undue stress simply due to their crippling situations. To add in abuse from the people who are supposed to be looking out for their welfare must be incredibly confusing and terrifying for these animals. I urge you to consider the circumstances of this situation: you cannot trust Mr. Jaimes or Ms. Martinez to treat the cows well after these inhumane acts. These individuals should not be allowed to work with animals again, period.

I urge you to consider the possible repercussions of hiring these two abusers again. There is a good chance more harm will come to the cows if they are to be put under the care of these two humans again. Please reconsider their employment and urge caution to other farms as well.


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Image credit: Dave Young via Wikipedia

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  1. Stan Benton says:

    We don’t need sickos like these working with animals, especially sick or injured animals.

  2. Sickos like these two need not to ever be around any animals at any time or anywhere. I hope that the authorities see what is going on and remove them from the premises immediately.

  3. T Bruning says:

    The farm is as bad as the pratts who abused the poor animals in the first place, because they condone their behaviour. They should have been prosecuted as well.

  4. Deane Isaacs says:

    No extenuating circumstances should ever apply to those who abuse animals. This behaviour shows either extreme sadism, which gives pleasure to the perpetrator, who should therefore be locked away from normal life for a long time. Or this behaviour shows the kind of insanity where the only action can be to detain the perpetrator indefinitely in a state mental institution. Millions of ordinary people agree that this weak, shilly-shallying demonstrated by the courts in their handing down of paltry fines, will NEVER send out the message that cruelty will not be tolerated, and the disgusting excuses for humanity found guilty of such abuse, will in no way be deterred from continuing to mete out terror and torture on helpless animals. But woe betide any animal that should retaliate by biting or kicking, for the courts, in most instances, respond by handing down the death sentence as punishment. It happens time and time again.

  5. This is why we should all go vegan!

  6. They should not be aloud too on any farm with any animals at all since they do not know how too treat a animal at all

  7. Lock them up and trow away the keys !!! Let them starve to death !!!!

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