Charge Murderer of Endangered Gray Wolf

Gray Wolf in Snow

Target: Mike Styler, Executive Director of Utah Department of Natural Resources

Goal: Press charges against the man who shot and killed Echo, a nationally known and protected gray wolf

A gray wolf was shot and killed by a hunter who thought he was shooting at a coyote. They believe that the wolf may have been Echo, who made news headlines when she became the first of her species to enter the area of the Grand Canyon in 70 years. This young female became the face of the slow and fragile recovery of the gray wolf, which was nearly wiped out after extensive hunting encouraged by widespread stigma.

Gray wolves are of course protected against hunting in the U.S. under the Endangered Species Act, however in Utah, where the incident occurred, it’s legal to shoot coyotes on sight. Due to similarities between wolves and coyotes, they are often be mistaken for one another. However, due to the fragile state of the species, careless killings like this cannot be brushed aside. If hunters must be allowed to shoot coyotes, they need to know that mistaking a gray wolf for a coyote and killing it will carry dire consequences. That way, it will be less likely to happen again.

Sign our petition to urge Utah authorities to charge the man who killed this gray wolf and prosecute him to the full extent of the law. The state of Utah needs to send a strong message to all hunters that even accidental shooting of gray wolves will not be tolerated, so they need to be absolutely sure of their targets. Unless we enforce protection of gray wolves, they could easily fall into serious trouble again.


Dear Director Styler,

Recently, a young female gray wolf was shot and killed by a hunter on Utah lands. This wolf may have been Echo, who is nationally known for being the first of her species sighted in the area of the Grand Canyon after 70 years. Unfortunately, she may now be dead before her time because shooting coyotes on sight is legal in your state, and a hunter mistook her for a coyote.

As you know, gray wolves are protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. They’ve only recently been able to recover due to strict protections. Even if the hunter only shot the wolf by mistake because he thought she was a coyote, it’s important that he face serious consequences for his actions. This will send a message that any hunter needs to be absolutely sure that the animal he’s shooting is not a protected species, and no excuses will be accepted.

Please make sure to punish this hunter to the full extent of the law for the death of this gray wolf. The state of this species is fragile to the point that if we’re not careful, they could find themselves at serious risk of extinction once again. All hunters in gray wolf territory needs to know how important it is to avoid killing any of these animals, and strict enforcement of the law is a huge part of that.


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Photo credit: Brooks Tracy via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Yes charge him with a felony and hefty ”serious” fine for being an ignorant SOB. The wolf had a collar on – jeez!

  2. Michael Guest says:

    This was totally unacceptable. The person should be charged and punished for this. Poor wolf. Makes me upset. There needs to be stronger protections for these animals for their safety and survival. We must fight to save them. We won’t stand for this shooting. And make sure this doesn’t happen again.

  3. That is so terribly sad! Since, it is, most likely, Echo, the female wolf that traveled so many miles, only to be killed by some thoughtless idiot, who, probably, knew what he was doing, the killer should be charged and severely punished for this crime. I wouldn’t believe or accept any poor excuses he gives. Hunters MUST be certain what they are killing! I wish they could not even shoot coyotes, but, in this case, this wolf is very significant. Not only do these wolves need better protections, but those that kill them should suffer the consequences. This cannot be allowed to happen, again. Every one killed is a great loss to their families and to those humans who care.

  4. Cecily Colloby says:

    Shooting coyotes is just as moronic and this moron needs to be punished, preferably with a bullet to the brain-if he has one….

  5. Since when is it ok to kill just to kill??? I thought the law of the land was, you kill only for food. Then used every part that was left for surviving… Even I know this and I am a city girl. We are destroying our planet…STOP THE KILLINGS!! Hold these murderers accountable!!!!

  6. Rita Grahn says:

    What type of hunter is this moron, who couldn’t tell a wolf from a coyote? Why is he even allowed to hold a gun in his hands? Or is the “mistake” just a “convenient” excuse?

  7. A $50,000 fine would be about right. Some jail time and then working along side animal rights groups for the rest of his stupid life. He probably carries his gun inside Walmart and grocery stores. If his vision is so distorted, perhaps he should be denied a right to carry as who knows what he will shoot next, maybe a kid, and claim it was a squirrel

  8. If you can not tell the difference between animals you should not be hunting…..

  9. randy mc garry says:

    the man should be banned from caring a gun.he just wanted to kill you no i thought i would be more shocked.but since i started helping animals on these sites nothing shocks me much anymore so many STUPID persons in this world.any way glad i could help

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