Applaud Victory for Factory Farm Animals


Target: Mary Matalin, political consultant

Goal: Applaud recent victories in blocking ag-gag legislation

Ag-gag legislation is essentially aimed at stopping animal abuse investigators from doing their jobs. The legislation criminalizes the undercover investigation and reporting of animal abuse in factory farms. Since factory farms are not inspected for cruelty, this legislation would allow rampant and secretive animal abuse to continue indefinitely, while immobilizing the only group that can stop it.

Ag-gag bills are being proposed all over the United States and are already active laws in 9 states. A number of government officials, citizens, and celebrities are demanding a stop to these bills. Kentucky is the most recent states to throw out an ag-gag proposal following rejections in 11 other states. Tennessee has also removed text that supported ag-gag from two Senate bills.

A 2012 poll showed that 71% of Americans supported undercover investigations for animal abuse and 64% opposed making them illegal. Ag-gag laws solely benefit criminals and those who wish to cover up crime for the sake of a billion dollar industry. Those that are defending ag-gag laws are the exact people who profit from the industry. Thus it is completely unacceptable for legislators to enact these laws for the sake of the wealthy minority.

Applaud the efforts of the organizations and individuals who are doing everything they can to block unconstitutional ag-gag laws.


Dear Mary Matalin,

PETA’s recent report on the defeat of another ag-gag bill was a relief for animal rights activists around the country. Meaningful efforts have been made by various groups and individuals, however there is still a long way to go. We must work to repeal ag-gag legislation in the states where it has already been enacted.

Unfortunately for agricultural associations and biotechnology giants like Monsanto, animal torment is a small price to pay for unabated profits. It will take ongoing effort and thousands of voices to convince legislators that ag-gag laws are inhumane, unconstitutional, and criminal.

It is crucial that political figures speak up so that lawmakers see just how profuse ag-gag disapproval is. We thank you for your efforts in keeping ag-gag laws out of our government.


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  1. thank you for what you have done so far. bless you all.

  2. Thank you & God bless you for your love and humanity towards animals! You are beyond great!

  3. The animals thank you for YOUR voice!

  4. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  5. Christina Anderson says:

    There’s a reason why I’m a vegetarian. And although I eat eggs, I don’t buy eggs from grocery chains, but rather from a friend of mine who has free-range chickens. Ours is a society who has little concern about the fate of countless animals. In our “entitlement” society people just think they should get to eat as they please, never thinking of the cost to animals. Our society needs to experience some big changes.

  6. Stan Benton says:

    It is inconceivable to me that any honest politician would vote for a law to prevent uncovering illegal activities (these of the factory farms or any other). So reason tells me that only crooked politicians who have already sold out could be responsible for such a bill. Many thanks for those honest guys who voted against these bills.

    • Paul Bodnick says:


    • Agree. Unfortunately, in the system we have, the politicians who rise to the top are exactly those who are psychopaths. The others….honest and decent people….are destroyed by a system that advocates turning most people into serfs. Oligarchy means that democracy is no longer operational….we the people no longer choose our leaders….the rich and powerful do. And they care not one whit about animals as the system they espouse, for millennia, has prospered by turning animals into slaves. Actually, people were also once turned into slaves, but THAT system, thankfully, was overthrown (by a war). But animal slavery continues, and most people, because of tradition and he fact that they have gotten used to it, just mindlessly accept it. That’s why they need to have rights. Only rights can guard against slavery.

  7. Hurray and now lets get the other states to also reject that bill.

  8. johanna janssen says:

    Such people are giving ma hopew again. Thank You for being here.

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