Applaud Animal Shelter for Saving Easter Rabbits


Target: Marcia Coburn, President, Red Door Animal Shelter

Goal: Applaud the Red Door Animal Shelter’s efforts to prevent the deaths of Easter rabbits

Every year thousands of cute, little rabbits are purchased as Easter gifts, and many of them are abandoned into the wild to be devoured by wild predators, or are left at overcrowded animal shelters. People need to be made aware just how much care rabbits actually need. Increased awareness will lead to fewer abandoned rabbits and less animal suffering. The Red Door Animal Shelter should be applauded for its Respect the Rabbit campaign and its efforts to educate people about rabbit welfare.

Many people purchase rabbits as Easter gifts for their children, seeing them as little more than cute objects. Rabbits are cute, but they are much more than stuffed toys. As natural prey animals, rabbits can be terrified by loud movements or quick, sudden movements, and they can literally die of fright. They are fragile and often prone to broken bones if held or handled carelessly. Rabbits require timothy hay and fresh salad greens instead of just canned food, which is what most people expect to have to provide. They also need more specialized veterinary care than do household cats and dogs. Purchasers of Easter rabbits often find they cannot provide the care needed by rabbits or that the rabbits do not behave like the good little toys they thought they were buying; in many of theses cases, the rabbits are abandoned and dumped into an alley or a parking lot. If not rescued within a few days by an organization like the Red Door Animal Shelter, these rabbits will most likely be eaten as prey.

The Red Door Animal Shelter in Chicago is a no-kill shelter that cares for cats, dogs, and rabbits. The shelter observed an increase in the number of abandoned Easter rabbits over the past few years and decided to develop an educational outreach program called Respect the Rabbit. This campaign strives to teach people that rabbits need a high level of care and to ask people not to purchase rabbits unless they are absolutely sure they can care for them. By signing the petition below you will let Marcia Coburn, President of the Red Door Animal Shelter, and her staff know you appreciate their efforts to prevent the needless deaths of Easter rabbits.


Dear Ms. Coburn,

I was happy to read about the Red Door Animal Shelter’s Respect the Rabbit campaign. Each year, thousands of rabbits purchased as Easter gifts are abandoned into the wild once the people who bought them realize just how difficult it is to care for them. Rabbits abandoned into the wild are usually quickly eaten as prey or seriously injured escaping from a predator. Some are rescued by wonderful no-kill shelters such as the Red Door Animal Shelter. Many shelters that rescue these rabbits, however, are not no-kill and end up euthanizing the animals that go unadopted.

I am writing this letter to let you and your staff at the Red Door Animal Shelter know that I appreciate your efforts to educate the populace about rabbit welfare and to help prevent the needless deaths of rabbits. As your campaign continues to grow and to spread, people will become more responsible consumers and fewer rabbits will suffer as a result. Thank you for your work.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: TracyZhou13579 at Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Aurela Zeqiraj says:

    It’s weird that this site has animal petitions but yet they have an ad right under the signatures for puppies for sale by a breeder.

    • I didn’t see that ad, but I’m assuming it’s targeted to keywords, such as “pets” (in the Bunny story) via Google AdWords, an ad network. The site itself isn’t advertising the puppy breeder.

  2. Indira Brommer says:

    Thank you all at the Red Door Animal Shelter for what your doing for the rabbits. Keep up the good work and hopefully other shelters will follow your kindness to save the rabbits. Much respect!!!

  3. Christina Anderson says:

    People are basically selfish and unless they have something pointed out to them they have no clue and couldn’t care less. I personally don’t think people should give their larva animals as gifts. Animals are not things!

  4. Stan Benton says:

    It’s not only rabbits that get given to kids at Easter, then thrown away when too much “trouble”, but also baby chicks, and I hear, maybe also ducks. That doesn’t speak well for the Christian religion. Maybe some of these “Christians” should think more about living like Christ?

    • Sorry but you don’t speak too well for how you were raised. Not ALL Christians do terrible things like that. Christianity, like anything, is not perfect. Are you?

    • but jesus threw an unclean spirit at a herd of swine who then drowned, not to mention all the burnt offerings in the old testament Plus god kicked the animals out of eden and killed them in the flood even though they never did anything to warrant such behavior. He also broke his own commandment of thou shall not kill. Killing many who dared disobey even though they supposedly have free will.So what do you expect.

  5. Thank you & God bless you everyone at Red Door!

  6. Valerie Nordberg says:

    This is a custom (giving animals as gifts at Easter) I have not heard of before. In Finland we grow a bowl of green grass and decorate it with coloured eggs and toy baby chicks – not alive!

  7. thank you so much, but it would be good if they could stop the rabbits breeding quite so much as they are beautiful creatures, but should never be alone or caged up all their life, I have one I saved from some awful people who treated him revoltingly, I have dogs and cats and chickens and it is just great to see them all together in the garden.

  8. You are great! Thank you & God bless you!

  9. Please ban all store from selling Easter bunnies !!!!

  10. Linda Peterson says:

    Thank you so much for saving those precious bunnies at Red Door, you are the BEST!! It should be banned everywhere that bunnies should not be sold at Easter, they are for a lifetime not temporary, it is so unfair to these innocent victims. Buy a chocolate candy bunny and a stuffed animal bunny not a real one and save a life.

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