Applaud Reduction in Wildlife Trafficking


Target: Director Daniel M. Ashe

Goal: Applaud the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for their efforts in reducing wildlife trafficking

Recently two men were arrested by federal agents for trying to sell two horns of the endangered black rhino. Their arrest happened because of the combined efforts of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Justice Department, who are collaborating together in an effort to reduce animal trafficking. The wildlife department should be applauded for their commitment to animals and reducing the demand for ivory products.

In an operation dubbed “Crash” the two departments are participating in a massive crime investigation into the illegal wildlife trade of rhino horns. All rhinoceroses in Africa and Asian are under threat by poachers who are injuring and killing these animals for their horns. The supply largely comes from Vietnam or China, where the horns are used for traditional medicines or decorative cups.

Operation Crash arrested 17 people with nine convictions. Included among those arrested was a member of an Irish gang, New York and Chinese antique dealers, and Chinese nationals. Unfortunately, the demand for horns is growing. Ten years ago, a federal agent could buy a horn for $17,000, that amount ha spiked to $25,000 a pound. What’s worse is the fact that narcotics are being found inside crates of elephant tusks and rhino horns. Regrettably, the drug and wildlife trade have since been tied together, and both are extremely profitable.

What is disturbing that those who were caught in the illegal drug trade have jumped into the wildlife trade because it is so profitable.  It is disturbing because instead being a crime sprung from opportunity, the wildlife trade has become an organized crime.

Work to protect rhinos and elephants will continue for years to come, and hopefully these animals will continue to exist on our planet. Sign this petition and applaud those that helped to arrest criminals who slaughtered animals for their horns.


Dear Director Daniel M. Ashe,

I want to applaud your department for their continued commitment to animals and their participation in Operation Crash. I understand that the illegal wildlife trade is a profitable and massive one. Tackling a problem this size must be daunting, but continue to do so for the animal’s sake.

It saddens me that the demand and price for rhino horns continues to go up. It also frustrates me that these poachers don’t realize that these animals could disappear if their efforts continue. Know that you will have my everlasting support towards saving these animals. They deserve a place on our planet and we don’t have the right to take that from them.


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Photo credit: Ryan Kilpatrick via flickr

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  1. Stop hurting animals

  2. Well hurray this is the first step and a good one at that, but they also need to go after the buyers. They are the ones keeping this nasty inhuman thing going. They are as guilty as the ones that actually physically do the horrible crime. No mercy, go get them and see if they think the horn and death of the animal was worth it, after you are done with them, and none of that damned fine crap or suspended sentences. They did the crime so let them do the time, all of it, the losers.I know they won’t get the death penalty which would be my first and only choice of punishment, these mutants deserve nothing less from where I sit.

  3. Stan Benton says:

    Yes, we need far stiffer felony penalties, and for the buyers as well as the sellers. Connections to organized crime should make the penalties even higher. I strongly oppose the death penalty, for a myriad of obvious reasons, but it sure would be tempting to string up a few of these poachers, dealers, and purchasers. Of course I would settle for life in prison without parole.

  4. Thank you & God bless you for helping animals!

  5. all I can say is a huge thank you.

  6. Thank you & God bless you! ♥

  7. deb spanhake says:

    making progress and a sow process but a sure stepping for the animal kingdom!

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