Reduce Negligent Livestock Deaths


Target: Elizabeth Truss, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Goal: Require farmers to take better care of livestock and prevent the millions of deaths that occur each year as the result of negligence

Each year more than 40 million farm animals in the United Kingdom die before they are sent to the slaughterhouse. The causes are traumatic deaths due to fires, floods, neglect, and disease. That is to say, they are all preventable causes of death when proper care is provided. This is a staggering statistic and cannot be permitted to continue. Demand that farmers in the United Kingdom clean up their act and treat animals with the kindness and respect they deserve.

The report, The Uncounted Dead: Farming’s Unofficial Victims, was published by the organization Animal Aid, which is hoping its findings will urge government organizations to introduce measures forcing farmers to disclose the true numbers and circumstances of the animals’ deaths. Accurate numbers are currently not possible without some kind of legislation, but startling estimates have been calculated based on publicly available statistics. In 2013, more than 989 million farmed animals were slaughtered for food consumption in the United Kingdom. Based on statistics provided by the farming trade press detailing the number of animals that don’t make it to slaughter, Animal Aid has estimated that each year approximately 43 million farm animals die before reaching the slaughterhouse.

Among these cases are 700,000 chickens that drowned in sheds during a tidal surge because of improper housing, 2,000 pigs that burned in a fire, another 670 that died in a second fire 6 months later and 50 lambs that fell to their death in a well. These are only a few of the incidents. “Whether people are meat eaters or vegetarians, it will surely be of concern to them that millions of farmed animals perish every year as a result of fires, floods, road collisions, disease and neglect,” Tyler said. “Moreover, these casualties, whose deaths are often traumatic and agonizing, receive virtually no official recognition. No figures are published pointing to the true scale of the phenomenon and there are scant regulatory measures in place to reduce, for instance, the incidence and impact of farm fires and flooding.”

Please take a moment to sign the petition below and demand that the Ministry of Agriculture in the United Kingdom crack down on farmers who do not provide proper treatment or care for their livestock.


Dear Secretary Truss,

Each year in the United Kingdom millions of farm animals die before making it to the slaughterhouse. These deaths are mostly the result of improper care or protection. Some die from disease or neglect, others from fires and accidents on the farm. We owe these animals a great deal of respect, as they keep humans alive and healthy, and their lives should not be so disposable, nor should millions of deaths go unnoticed.

Please pursue legislation that would require farmers to provide accurate and detailed reports on livestock deaths and better care of these animals so that they can have a pleasant and healthy life before going off to slaughter.


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  1. Cecily Colloby says:

    … and they blame badgers for TB!!!! We all know that farm animals are mostly poorly cared for and worn out so are more susceptible to illness and yet our braindead government insists on continuing to murder badgers. When they have destroyed every last one and STILL have bovine TB,you can bet they STILL won’t admit they got it wrong!!Arrogant bastards!

  2. Bina pannell says:

    Ain’t that the truth, Cecily!!!

  3. Emily March says:

    Britain has never been notorious for animal cruelty in the past. On the contrary. How come this all happens now?

  4. The last statement in the letter is maddening to me: “better care of these animals so that they can have a pleasant and healthy life before going off to slaughter.” They should have pleasant and healthy lives and not be sent to slaughter! Then again, I believe they are sentient beings and the very fact that they are going to be murdered to keep us “humans alive and healthy” is criminal. I agree that at the very least animals raised for food should be well treated and cared for, fed properly, have enough space to move and be able to socialize. I can’t imagine that there is a place that slaughters “humanely.” Possibly the situation is better on some free-range farms. I believe that every animal who is led to slaughter is fully aware of his/her fate and that most suffer greatly. Having said all that, what is the solution?

    • Hermann Kastner says:

      Nobody needs meat, GO V E G A N !!!!!
      This is the conclusion and the solution…..

    • I AGREE!!! “…pleasant and healthy life,” my ass! It IS criminal! And yes, as Hermann said, the solution is to stop eating and using them for their flesh, skin, or “co-products”! It’s the K.I.S.S. principle – Keep It Simple, Stupid!”

  5. There is never any excuse to horribly mistreat and even sadistically torture helpless animals–no matter what the species. Farm animals are as intelligent (even more so, as are pigs), gentle, social, affectionate, playful as our traditional pets–if given the chance. Treating them as throw-away objects or garbage, makes the humans involved nothing more than sociopaths and sadists. These poor animals suffer intolerably from birth until slaughter. No nation should be guilty of allowing such cruelty. Anyone involved MUST be punished severely. They are twisted and vile.

  6. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO NEGLECT, TO ABUSE ANIMALS! You should be held accountable — you should be arrested and punished SEVERELY! I strongly believe there’s mental deficiency in play on the part of humans here!

  7. Guillaume LAURENCIN says:

    Firstly no respect for animals from mankind, a cow won’t see field with grass along all her life by example, secondly we kill them in pain and horror… wouldn’t there be a problem ? Stop playing with animals lifes !!!!!!

  8. Elena Marti says:

    Sorry sot say the same we could say about Switzerland, where farmers neglect their animals. There are always cases of traumatic deaths due to fires, floods, neglect, and disease. Besides there are a lot of maniacs who kill animals on the pastures or when they are shut in sheds and farmers do not take any preventative measures.
    Pastures in the mountains are not surrounded by a fence and animals often run away only to collide with the traffic around.
    I believe it happens, because for certain people animals are only the means to earn money and objects to be killed and then to stuff themselves with meat.

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