Protect Parrots at Risk of Extinction

Target: Pablo Escudero Morales, President of the Mexican Senate

Goal: Protect endangered Neotropical parrot from capture and habitat loss.

More than 38 percent of America’s neotropical parrot population has either been captured for the exotic pet trade or is in danger of dying out due to habitat loss. South America, Eastern Asia, and the Middle East have no laws banning the pet trade, while the logging industry is destroying the birds’ natural habitat at an alarming rate. Together, these factors add up to a severe decline in these species as a whole.

We cannot let this happen. Wild animals are not meant to be captured and kept as pets, and the logging industry has destroyed too many forests already. These beautiful birds may not be on the same endangerment scale as the likes of the rhino or the whale just yet, but if things continue as they are, the numbers will continue to decrease as rapidly as those of other endangered animals.

The exotic pet trade and the logging industry have caused too many problems for wildlife, and these beautiful birds are another example on a list already much too long. We must demand stronger measures against the pet trade as well as stronger laws against deforestation, lest the birds go the way of their extinct brethren. Sign this petition to demand stronger protection for neotropical parrot species.


Dear President Morales,

The many species of neotropical parrots are at alarming risk of extinction due to deforestation robbing them of their natural habitats, as well as their capture for the exotic pet trade. The pet trade is unethical due to its treatment of wild animals as chattel to be bought and sold, while deforestation has already wiped out too much of the world’s natural lands to make way for homes and businesses.

These birds may not be on the same endangerment scale as other species of late, but they will reach that point within the year if measures are not taken to protect them. You must enforce a stronger ban on the pet trade and discourage the logging industry from destroying the birds’ natural habitats. These beautiful creatures deserve better than to be captured as pets or lose their homes.


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Photo Credit: Luc Viatour

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  1. what else is new man taking land and ruining it we live in Canada and I cry every time I drive down Lesley street beautiful big trees and farm land uprooted it looks like a desert all for them to build subdivisions that no Canadian can afford the trees are our oxygen but they don’t care as long as they make money the animals don’t have any place to go no habitant left for them so they come onto peoples property and get shot by the police all so some man can make money

  2. Stop taking the land and forest away from the birds and animals! They need a place to live too! Greedy people will do anything for a buck!

  3. A small flock of parrots had escaped captivity where I used to live. The flock grew and was protected by the city. Why can’t that be done on a worldwide basis? Coexistence not extinction. Greed will be the end of humanity, and I fear all living beings.

  4. Waiting for WHAT ??

  5. Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

    Ha,ha,ha there is complete not chance that this planet will stay out of plundering soon or later by the human’s shits!!!
    The humans have got into their brains such special chip which is telling them that they have to destroy themselves and all the animals and plants as well…
    And they are working for this task all the centuries by centuries….

  6. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?

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