Help Dogs Rescued from Fighting Ring Find Homes

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Target: Spokesman for the Baltimore, Maryland Police, Eric Kowalczyk

Goal: Place dogs rescued from massive dog-fighting ring into loving homes

Another violent dog-fighting ring has recently been exposed and stopped in Baltimore, Maryland. Authorities seized 225 dogs, 50 of which were puppies. There is a possibility that many of the dogs used in this gruesome sport will have to be euthanized, due to severe aggression or lack of interest from the public. However, a spokesman for the Maryland police insists that each and every dog will be evaluated to assess re-homing chances. Urge the police team to actively work with and find every dog involved a loving home.

It is very possible that many of the rescued fighting dogs will have difficult aggression issues, especially when placed into a stressful shelter environment. However, aggression does not have to be a death sentence for these dogs. The police officers who rescued these dogs could organize rehabilitation classes for the dogs that need it, and hold a couple of adoption events for those that are ready to be placed in loving homes.

If the Baltimore police department stays involved in the dogs’ lives, every single one of the 225 individual canines can be saved. Adoption events could even raise money that would be put back into efforts that end other dog-fighting rings around the country. Sign this petition to convince the Baltimore police department to actively participate in the future of the recently rescued fighting dogs.


Dear Mr. Kowalczyk,

Please extend my thanks to the Baltimore police department for putting an end to a massive dog-fighting ring and saving the lives of 225 fighting dogs. Recently, you made a public statement claiming that every single dog will be assessed in order to determine re-homing capability. I believe that, with intense dedication from the Baltimore police officers, every single one of the 225 dogs rescued could be placed in loving homes.

The Baltimore police officers could hold a few adoption events for the dogs that do not display aggression. For those that do display aggression, positive rehabilitation would ensure that they are capable of eventually being placed. I urge the department to stay active in the dogs’ futures. Something very good can come of this terrible aspect of human nature.

Proceeds earned from adoption events could be put into ending more dog-fighting operations all over the country. There is always a way, and there is always hope. Please thank the department for all that they do, and pass along this message.


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  1. caryl sawyer says:

    I have owned two “bait”dogs, used by dog fighters for practice. The last one died just before her15th birthday. They were both loving creatures, who are missed.

  2. Emily March says:

    Super! Well done!

  3. There should be an animal abuse registry just like that for sexual abusers. Anyone as sadistic and sociopathic as these dog fighting criminals are, will always be a danger to ANY animal and to humans. Their minds are savage and twisted–they have no respect or compassion for a living soul.
    These poor dogs, normally so sweet, have been through the most unimaginable torture. Yet most of them, given time, compassion and loving care can be rehabilitated. These dogs deserve a chance to have, at least, some part of their lives in a decent home with kind caretakers. The only way dog fighting will be reduced, is through severe and consistent punishment of everyone involved.

  4. We must help our animals — they are innocent, vulnerable and at our mercy … let’s ensure that our animals are happy and comfortable and BRING TO JUSTICE ALL THOSE WHO NEGLECT, ABUSE, KILL animals! The penalties and punishments for such criminals should be severe on all points — TEACH THESE CRIMINALS THAT ANIMALS ARE IN SO MANY WAYS LIKE US — THEY HAVE RIGHTS, THEY HAVE VALUE that cannot be taken away! THEY HAVE THOUGHT, THEY HAVE FEELINGS, …

  5. Guillaume LAURENCIN says:

    … and put “owners” in ring and fight to survive !!! For the example !!!!

  6. These innocent, helpless animals deserve good homes. As for the MONSTERS who abused and tortured the dogs, let THEM pay for the cost of finding appropriate homes and any other costs incurred such as medical treatment, etc. Then, lock these MONSTERS up and throw away the key !!!!

  7. Carolyn Taylor says:

    Please help these poor dogs! Please find them good homes. Spay and neuter laws must be implemented! These dogs are not at fault and must be helped!

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