Fight for Farm Animals’ Rights

Fight for Farm Animals' Rights

Target: Peter A. Tercyak, Representative of District 26 in the Connecticut House

Goal: Do not restrict the rights of farm animals in Connecticut

A bill introduced into the Connecticut legislature has been stripped of its animal protection wording and instead, if passed, will allow the creation of an animal welfare ‘advisory council.’ This council – despite sounding like a positive move – will actually comprise of individuals from the very farming industries the bill originally sought to penalize. Sign this petition to stop the passage of the bill, and protect farm animals in Connecticut.

The bill, H.B. 5416, originally proposed to ban gestation crates for pregnant sows – crates so tiny that the pigs can’t even turn around. With the rewording of the bill, the language containing this proposition has disappeared and has been replaced with the plan to establish a Livestock Care Standards Advisory Council. This council would decide the standards of animal welfare in the state of Connecticut, but it contains all the people whose interests it is to exploit animals for profit: the creation of this council is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, designed to ensure animals can be kept in appalling conditions if it means securing further profit.

Similar bills have passed in other states, and the councils established by these bills – reportedly ‘advising’ on livestock care standards – have continuously blocked any attempts to improve animal welfare.

Sign this petition to pressure the cosponsor of the bill to stop its passage, and to reword the legislation for its original purpose: to ban cruel gestation crates for pregnant pigs.


Dear Mr. Tercyak,

I am writing regarding H.B. 5416, a bill which you are cosponsoring, that proposes the creation of a Livestock Care Standards Advisory Council in Connecticut. The original wording of this bill was to ban horrific gestation crates for pregnant pigs; now the bill would create a council of members whose interests lie not in animal welfare, but in reaping profit from the suffering of farm animals.

I ask that you stop the passing of this bill through the Connecticut legislature, and reword H.B. 5416 to ban gestation crates for pregnant sows. These crates are so tiny that the sows cannot even turn around in them.

This type of bill has been passed in other states, and they always result in a severe decline in animal welfare, and the blocking of any sort of animal rights legislation. Big farming industries do not care for the livelihoods of their animals, they only seek profit.

Give farming back to Connecticut’s small farmers – people who treat their animals more humanely. Stop this bill, and change it back to its true purpose: ban gestation crates in Connecticut.


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Photo credit: Humane Society of the United States via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. this picture is sickening, to think these wonderful animals have to suffer this way, not to be able to even turn and do all the normal things these animals should be doing, it is heart breaking, how can people actually do this to helpless animals, I bet they make money out of these poor poor creatures, I do not know what to say, I am so disgusted,

  2. go vegan!

  3. The cruelty that runs unchecked on farms, and especially factory farms is beyond a shadow of a doubt the worst continuous torture that they don’t even pay attention to..This vile inhuman treatment has got to be stopped and yet they have the unmitigated gall to try and run laws into affect that would stop any and all undercover filming of these places.There is something very wrong in the heads of people that want to conceal and cover up the viscous cruelty, that go’s on all the time. People when you find a place that is in fact covering or trying to cover up cruelty don’t buy what they sell. If you find that they have pigs in gestation crates don’t buy their products even from the store shelves. The monsters that harm animals must be stopped and this cruelty must be stopped forever.

    • The best single thing anyone can do is become vegan. It has been shown that being vegan for one year saves the lives and prevents the suffering of countless numbers of animals.

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