Don’t Allow Hunters to Shoot Bears Using Silencers

Target: Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives

Goal: Don’t legalize the use of silencers on public lands to shoot and kill grizzly bears.

A number of Republican congressmen are now backing the NRA and the gun industry in their pursuit of new legislation that would lift strict regulations on where silencers can be used. If the new bill passes, hunters would have the ability to shoot grizzly bears on public lands using these devices, putting animals and potentially the public at risk. This is an inhumane proposal and it must not be allowed to pass.

Thanks to other recent measures that have removed protections for grizzly bears on federal lands, such as Yellowstone, these rare American carnivores are now at greater risk than ever before. Should hunters be permitted to shoot bears using silencers, the species could face jeopardy over the limited lands where they still reside. Also troubling is the fact that should this bill pass, regulations on silencers will be greatly relaxed, which could mean more potential criminals could get their hands on them and use them to commit crimes.

There is no need for hunters to use silencers to kill grizzly bears or any other animal on public lands. The only ones who stand to benefit from this legislation are a small number of vocal trophy hunters. Sign this petition to demand that Congress strongly reject this bill.


Dear Congresswoman Pelosi,

The bill known as the SHARE Act will soon be voted on by the House of Representatives. This bill would, among other things, allow hunters to kill grizzly bears on public lands using silencers. Contrary to the NRA’s position that this bill “will protect hunters and help preserve our outdoor heritage,” loosening the restrictions on silencers will only put large carnivores like these bears at risk, as well as the American public as a whole.

As this bill is currently receiving overwhelming Republican support, it is necessary for your party to do whatever it can to help ensure this bill this struck down. I urge you to strongly condemn this legislation, in the name of America’s wildlife and everyone who visits public lands to appreciate nature.


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Photo Credit: Scott Calleja

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  1. Anne Moeller says:

    ALL hunting of any anima must be stopped NOW! The only thing to shoot any animal with is a camera!!

  2. The Democrats can’t stop the Republicans from letting this happen as they are outnumbered in the House and the Senate. If you want to stop this stupid silencer bill then you need to contact every Republican rep in your state and tell them ‘NO’ on silencers.

  3. This is a joke petition, right?

    What difference does it make to the bear if it is shot using a rifle vs a rifle equipped with a suppressor?

    The bullet is the same, travelling at virtually the same speed. The lethality of a rifle that emits a 160+DB “bang” vs one that emits a 135+/-dB “bang” is identical.

    Suppressors would actually help wildlife, since the loudness would be reduced to a safer – but still incredibly loud – level, which would otherwise damage the sensitive hearing of another nearby animal.

    In many areas in Europe, where suppressors are completely unregulated (they are merely a firearm accessory that are absolutely harmless by themselves), hunting with them is recommended if not required by law.

    This petition has nothing to do with animals. The author, Ms. Sara Ives, is merely manipulating animal lovers to push her anti-gun political agenda.

    Using for political purposes unrelated to the sufferring of animals must surely be against this website’s TOS.?

  4. The only good hunter is a dead one.Hunt the hunter!


  6. People that hunt for recreation, fun what ever… are sick!!!! how about helping to save Animals instead of having an evil thirst for blood & killing??? WHY do you have to kill Animals???? How is this fun???? Must make them feel so tough & powerful having the *right* to kill. Makes weak dumb shits feel like a man… A real man doesn’t kill Animals to make himself feel good!!! or for $$$. No conscience no soul!!! Mindless!!! & it doesn’t matter what weapon is used!!! Stop hunting & killing Animals just because you can!!!! it’s not right!!! Void of compassion, feeling, heartless scum!

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?

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