Thank Ohio For Prosecuting Under New Anti-Bestiality Law

Target: Clifford A. Rosenberger, Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives

Goal: Praise Ohio for its first prosecution of animal sexual abuser.

An Ohio man was finally prosecuted for sexually abusing a dog thanks to the state’s passing of a specific anti-bestiality law several months ago. In the past, the courts had to rely on general animal cruelty laws to prosecute such crimes, with only certain municipalities within the state treating bestiality in particular as a felony.

This is a very important victory for animal welfare. Several states still refuse to see bestiality as a crime, 11 even still considering it legal, and according to Humane Society president Wayne Pacelle many lawmakers have “made catcalls and mocked the idea of addressing this form of animal abuse.” But bestiality is more than a sick punchline in dirty jokes, it is an act of sexual assault on a defenseless animal, and it is about time the law recognized it as a specific crime.

This is only one step, but a very important one nonetheless. Sign this petition to praise Ohio for recognizing bestiality as a legitimate crime.


Dear Speaker Rosenberger,

Thank you for passing an anti-bestiality law that has finally convicted an animal sexual abuser of ths specific act for the first time. For years, bestiality has been under the general animal cruelty category, making it hard for cases to be properly prosecuted. Additionally, several states still refuse to see bestiality as a crime and have even mocked the idea of a specific law against it.

The act of sexually abusing an animal has been treated as a punchline to sick jokes for far too long, it is a great step forward to see it finally being treated as the sexual assault it truly is. Thank you for passing this law, and for punishing a man responsible for harming an animal in such a disgusting manner.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Spamez

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  1. Well thank God for that! Geez, who in their right mind has ?sex? with an animal? Nobody in their right mind, that’s who!
    1st off – GROSS! could a fiend get anymore grosser?!!
    2nd. Talk about unnatural! Ugh!! and last but not least 3rd. You must be a puny little man or one ugly bitch to want to fuck an animal…..lowlifes!

    • t allow this kind of sick thing they call it entertainment Sweden and Switzerland for 2 of them sick bastards that’s what they are cruel cruel cruel

  2. Sick, sick, sick people! Thank you for stopping this disgusting act! Seek immediate help if you think this is OK in any way!

  3. This POS should not be out with people! There is in no way possible could a normal person look at a dog a want or to have sex. This POS needs to have tell everyone that IT (it because a human couldn’t do this sick stuff) is a sexual abuse of animals behind bars and if IT ever gets out of prison !!!

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