Demand Justice for Abused Pregnant Dog


Target: Police Chief Adelaido Flores of Torreon, Mexico Police Department

Goal: Arrest gang members responsible for trying to blow up a pregnant dog with fireworks

Responsible for executing one of the most disgusting cases of animal abuse to date this year, a Mexican gang recently abused a pregnant dog and left it for dead by trying to implode it using fireworks.

According to published reports, the country’s most feared drug cartels are turning to organized dog fighting as an alternative source of revenue. Unfortunately, when some dogs are too injured to fight or, in this case, become pregnant, gangs think up inhumane ways to get rid of the animals that are no longer able to generate profits. The dog, named Chola, had her mouth taped shut around a bouquet of fireworks after gang members found out that she was pregnant and wouldn’t be able to participate in dog fighting. The explosion shattered the animal’s jaw and severely burned her tongue.

Further, Chola had been seriously abused before the attack, showing signs of missing teeth and burned fur. Despite this, she miraculously survived. However, Chola may lose her litter of puppies, since the extent of her injuries and her pregnancy seem to be taking a toll on her fragile frame. Currently, Chola cannot swallow food and is forced to consume liquid baby food. She also requires painkillers constantly and needs to be tranquilized in order to be examined by vets.

Although police in the city of Torreon are appealing for donations to help pay for the dog’s surgery and asking anyone with information to come forward, the ruthless thugs responsible for the ordeal remain at large. Sign the petition to urge Torreon’s police department to arrest and charge those responsible for assaulting Chola.


Dear Police Chief Adelaido Flores,

It has recently come to my attention that a dog named Chola, currently being cared for at a Torreon, Mexico veterinary clinic, was severely assaulted and left for dead by gang members after she couldn’t take part in dog fighting due to her pregnancy. This harrowing ordeal has to be one of the most heinous cases of animal abuse to date this year, and now the animal may even lose her unborn puppies because of the severity of her injuries.

Organized dog fighting in Mexico by drug cartels is rampant as these gangs pool their illegal resources to generate profits. Revenue from dog fights can equal those received from dealing drugs, and unfortunately countless animals are paying the price for these illicit behaviors with their lives. Chola currently suffers from withdrawal, depression and anxiousness among her laundry list of physical impairments, while her attackers roam the streets and continue their inhumane behavior.

I urge you to track down the ruthless thugs responsible for carrying out such a vicious crime against an innocent animal and arrest them immediately. Granting justice to Chola and her unborn pups will teach Mexican drug cartels a lesson in humanity and encourage them to stop the sadistic behavior of dog fighting.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Hans via pixabay

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  1. Cecily Colloby says:

    These people and anyone else capable of such atrocities should go in front of a firing squad and be simply got rid of…

  2. Linda Peterson says:

    I hope you catch these monsters and punish them to the max for the horrific cruelty done to this innocent victim. If possible, could you do an eye for an eye?? I and many others are so fed up with these scums that torture and kill these precious lives.

  3. Ellis Toscano says:

    Catch these thugs and do a public castration on them. I do not care if they are kids or adults. I am sure you will have plenty of volunteers from both sides of the border.

  4. Psicokillers, monstruos repulsivos que por su naturaleza asesina deben ser llevados a prisión, y juzgados tal cual como se juzga a una persona que mata a otra persona…de todas maneras estos pedazos de mierda están condenados a vivir cada día de sus vidas un infierno aquí en la tierra


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