Commend Billionaire for Protecting Elephants


Target: Howard G. Buffet

Goal: Thank Buffet’s efforts for protecting elephants from poachers

Many scientists believe that if poaching continues to be a problem, we could see our elephants and rhinos disappear in the next decade. It has caused many nations to crush their ivory stockpile as a message to poachers to stop killing these amazing animals. One philanthropist, Howard G. Buffet, who is the elder son of Warren Edward Buffet, is donating a helicopter and other equipment to help protect elephants. Sign this petition and thank the man for his efforts.

The illegal wildlife trade is one of the highest grossing trades in the world, competing with human and drug trafficking. Countries are doing all it can to reduce the demand for ivory items, but the real demand comes from Asian countries such as China and Vietnam. Elephants and rhinos are poached for their tusks and horns, which are used for remedies. Rangers who are in charge of protecting these creatures are often hurt or killed in the line of fire.

It is the plight of elephants that attracted Buffet to their cause. Through the Howard G. Buffet foundation, the billionaire will be donating a helicopter to the Selous Game Reserve. The foundation will also support capacity building and anti-poaching efforts in Tanzania through the purchase of vehicles, GPS equipment, and the training of helicopter pilots and rangers. Buffet has also hired two consultants to give advice to the game reserve and its staff. The Buffet Foundation has been a long time supporter of conservation in Africa, and their contributions are still growing.

The Selous Game Reserve is considered one of the largest in the world, providing homes to elephants, rhinos, hippos, Cape buffalo, and crocodiles. Rangers are on duty 24 hours to ensure that elephants and rhinos are not killed by poachers. Sign this petition and commend Buffet for his contributions and ensuring that our elephants do not disappear.


Dear Howard G. Buffet,

I am writing this letter to thank you for your contributions towards conservation in Africa. I understand that the illegal wildlife trade has decimated the elephant and rhino population, and these animals are struggling to make a comeback. Your donations towards protecting these animals are extremely appreciated and I’m sure the animals would thank you if they could.

Please continue with your animal conservation efforts. There are many of us who wish to help elephants but lack the resources and money to do so. Ensure that our elephants and rhinos will be here for future generations.


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Photo credit: Donald Macauley via Wikimedia

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  1. why are these people so vile they must see what is happening, these beautiful animals that have been hear for ever will be wiped out because of these monsters, it is a disgrace, when the poachers are caught they should be dealt with in an appropriate manner, make sure they pay dearly for the horrific things they have done to wonderful animals, shoot them string them up or just pull out all the teeth anything to make them feel a lot of pain.

  2. Thank you for using your resources and influence in combating this despicable practice. Your compassion does not go unnoticed.

  3. Stan Benton says:

    It’s rare that I have any good thoughts about a billionaire, especially those we know obtained their wealth in, let’s say, “less than ethical” ways, then give a tiny bit to fight some disease and want to be treated like Mother Theresa. But Mr. Buffet’s father has often spoken for the people, and shown himself to be a decent person. Presumably he taught the same values to his children. Way to go! Maybe we can see a few poachers shot from the helicopter? (But watch it, especially the organized crime poachers probably have surface to air missiles.)

  4. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Thank you!!! 🙂

  5. Nancy O'Neal says:

    I’m sure the last thing on your mind was to be a hero but you now are to many people world wide. I hope you feel the wave of gratitude that belongs to you. You deserve it!

  6. Pinke Andersson says:

    This is just heartwarming to hear,that you are giving help,a great one,to protection of these magnificent giants! Thank you for that!
    The elephants sure need all the help they can get! The heartless bloodthirsty poachers are everywhere and the helicopter will sure make their bloody business less easy!
    So thank you!You rock!

  7. Rita Grahn says:

    Thank you so much – perhaps rhinos could be next on your list? They are being poached at a much more alarming rate.

  8. Howard, you’re a wonderful, compassionate and rational human being — you do your parents proud! Great work! Thank you. Keep it up!

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