Stop Slaughter of Injured Chickens


Target: USDA Secretary Thomas James Vilsack

Goal: Ban the slaughter of sick and injured chickens

Birds comprise a vast majority of the animals slaughtered in the United States — roughly 98%. Unfortunately, the speed of the poultry slaughtering process and the lack of stringent regulations result in the slaughter of millions of sick and injured chickens each year, under extremely painful and barbaric conditions. Despite constituting the vast majority of slaughtered animals in the US, protective legislation such as the Humane Slaughter Act does not apply to birds.

This inhumane treatment of sick and injured chickens represents a truly wasteful process, as food safety regulations require the discarding of meat from slaughtered chickens with broken bones or damaged tissues. Slaughtering chickens with injuries is cruel to the animal and dangerous to consumers, as unsafe meat from sick and injured chickens may slip through the safety inspection process.

In 2012, the most recent data available indicates that 28.3 million slaughtered chickens were condemned and discarded, often due to the mistaken slaughter of sick or injured birds. Besides being a wasteful and negligent practice, injured birds are at a far greater risk for enduring unnecessary pain from mishandling if forced to undergo the slaughter process. Many of these chickens are inadvertently boiled alive in scalding vats when mishandled.

Since birds are not protected by the Humane Slaughter Act, poultry processing plants are rarely cited for wrongdoing when live chickens are boiled, when injured chickens are put through the slaughtering process, or when chickens are injured by improper handling during the slaughtering process itself. Essentially, poultry processing plants can slaughter chickens regardless of the animals’ health without any fear of reprisal.

Urge the USDA to enact stricter regulations on the poultry slaughtering process in order to prevent the tragically wasteful death of millions of already suffering animals.


Dear Secretary Vilsack,

Each year, millions of sick and injured chickens are mistakenly slaughtered due to inadequate controls in poultry processing plants. This often results in the meat being discarded anyway, after an agonizing slaughter process for the suffering birds.

The USDA has the power to curtail this senseless animal cruelty with more stringent regulations of the poultry slaughtering process. Please ensure that the suffering of millions of animals is not compounded in years to come by enacting regulations to preserve the safety of sick and injured chickens.


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Photo Credit: Compassion Over Killing via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. After you see this horrific picture of cramped space, imagine what you would feel if this is your condition. This is the reason Bill Gate created the imitation meat and chickens with the hope of ending this horrible condition. It tastes great and received praised from those who tasted them. Help send those slaughter house to Bankruptcy, please.

  2. If people were to see the You Tube video of the little boy calling his pet chicken to come to him and let him give the him a hug, where the chicken leaned on they boy’s neck while the hugged him for several minutes, they would ‘understand’ how loving some of these ‘factory farm’ animals can be and they’d never eat chicken again! Turkeys also make good pets and even live in some homes and watch tv on the couch and follow the owners around like cats or dogs! Pigs and lambs are sensitive wonderful animals too, as well as goats, lambs and horses! All animals have the right to be treated humanely! The above idea re eating imitation meat and chicken is a great idea! We’ve discovered marvelous vegetarian recipes online and are almost vegetarian and hope to go vegan soon! Almost there as we stopped drinking cows’ milk long ago and drinking coconut and almond milk and are almost egg and honey free too! People need to know the abuses of sows and calves in the dairy industry too and stop drinking milk from the mammary glands of other animals, which we were never meant to do!

  3. I have saved four chickens from slaughter and could not be happier, they actually look like chickens now, and they are fun to watch and come when you call them they are really sweet, no animals should be aloud to struggle through life in these cages, it is horrific practice, there is no thought at all for the beautiful little creatures inside them, it really is hateful, money comes first as usual, it is sickening, hope they get their just desserts sometime in their life time.

  4. Dear people who made this petition, can you PLEASE stop being hypocrites. Instead of asking for injured chickens not to be slaughtered, how about you ask for ALL CHICKENS not to be slaughtered?! You say that you’re doing this for both the chickens and the consumers, which means that you’re ok with eating chicken, just not injured chickens, which proves your hypocrisy and selfishness.


  5. I feel so so sorry for animals — IT BREAKS MY HEART — how they’re so horribly & cruelly treated — psychos — cruel humans without conscience! I WOULD NEVER HIRE THEM! They should all be thrown in prison — they’re mentally deranged, they’re a danger to the innocent, the vulnerable and those who are at our mercy! If you MUST eat meat, buy from “CERTIFIED HUMANE Raised & Handled” — Animals from these smaller farms are treated properly, with care and respect, from birth onward, 24/7 — do a search for “HFAC.”

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