Ban Deadly Fur Farms


Target: Jennifer McDonough, NR Program Specialist at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Goal: Ban fur farms from operating in Wisconsin

Fur farming is a cruel practice that results in the inhumane slaughter of millions of undomesticated mink and foxes each year. Despite aspects of blatant cruelty, the practice is both legal and unregulated. Urge the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to crack down on cruelty and ban the operation of fur farms in the state of Wisconsin.

For decades, fur farmers have been able to retain their practice by evading government regulation and dispersing false information about their treatment of sentient creatures. They claim to house animals humanely as well as adhere to the American Veterinary Medical Association recommendations for euthanasia. But fur farms are not monitored by any state agency and there is no data to show these animals are treated kindly in any way. The exact opposite is true.

Farmed foxes and mink are kept isolated in small cages from birth to death. These uncomfortable wire bottom prisons force creatures to live directly above their own excrement. When they are full grown and over-bred, the animals may be anally electrocuted, a painful death that preserves their beautiful fur pelts. Due to the severity of this cruelty, numerous European countries have banned fur farms on humanitarian grounds.

Yet in almost all American states, these undomesticated animals live in constant terror as they are unnaturally confined and denied all natural activities like running, swimming, grooming, breeding, or raising young. They constantly exhibit fear by trembling, defecating, pacing, and withdrawing to the back of their cages.

Maltreatment to this extent would constitute severe animal abuse in any other environment, but animals raised for fur are not protected as domestic pets because they are not domesticated, and they are not protected as wildlife because they live in cages. These animals are thus legally subjected to lifelong torment while being exempt from anti-cruelty laws because no animal welfare legislation makes room for them, not even the Federal Animal Welfare Act. To make matters worse, neither state wildlife agencies or agricultural agencies are attempting to address this wide scale injustice.

Because the state of Wisconsin has more unregulated fur farms than any other, it is important to shut down these locations first. At present, the state is home to 71 mink farms and more than 100 fox farms.

Still, farmers have a market for their products and will fight to remain in business for as long as fur is in demand. As a society, we must value the humane treatment of animals above futile standards of fashion. Humans do not require fur pelts for any reason, but every animal requires its own fur to live.

Urge the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to ban the operation of fur farms in Wisconsin.


Dear Jennifer McDonough, NR Program Specialist at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources,

Cruel and inhumane fur farms have existed in the United States for decades. Humans have no need of animal fur, and therefore these farms are unnecessary. Wisconsin is currently home to more farms than any other American state, and millions of animals are tortured and killed every year as a result. Foxes and mink are cruelly confined, isolated, and denied all natural activities. When they are finally killed, they must endure painful methods of euthanasia to preserve their pelts. This unethical practice exists all because fur coats will sell for a high price, but fashion does not excuse severe animal cruelty.

For these reasons, I urge you to shut down all active fur farms and ban them from operating in the state of Wisconsin.


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Photo credit: Oikeutta Elaimille via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Where’s our rationality? Where’s our compassion? Where’s our morality of doing what is right? Where and when does the buck stop?!

    These fur farms are filled with cruelty and brutality and for what purpose? The horror is beyond the pale! Who needs fur so badly!

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