Save Animals from Cruel Military Training


Target: Chief of Defence of Denmark, General Peter Bartram

Goal: End cruel live-animal testing in military medical training exercises and promote modern non-animal teaching methods

Despite civilian and military studies that have shown non-animal military medical training methods to be more effective than those involving cruel animal laboratories, Denmark still permits inhumane training exercises that involve the torture of live animals. The use of live animals in military training is heartless and cruel, and must be banned worldwide.

In Denmark, military personnel tie live pigs to wooden frames by their legs and mark the animals’ bodies with targets. The defenseless creatures are then shot with high-velocity bullets, causing bone fractures, organ damage and other severe wounds. The bleeding pigs are then taken into surgery where medical military personnel perform invasive procedures on the fully conscious animals. Once the surgery is complete and the animals’ wounds have been bandaged, the pigs are disposed of and unceremoniously removed from the facility.

More than 80 percent of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) nations have already banned the use of animals in military medical training exercises, instead favoring lifelike human simulators that “breathe” and “bleed” in realistic battlefield scenarios. Not only are these simulators a much more humane option, but studies have also shown them to be more effective teaching tools, making it evident that there is absolutely no need to abuse and torture animals to prepare military medical personnel to save patients’ lives.

By signing this petition, you will be urging government officials to finally put an end to these disgusting, murderous training tactics and transition to humane simulators. This will save the lives of defenseless animals as well as ensure that military medical personnel are better equipped to handle the challenges of battle.


Dear General Bartram,

I was shocked to learn that a progressive country such as Denmark permits the torture and murder of pigs in its military medical training exercises. More than 80 percent of NATO countries have already banned these barbaric tactics, instead favoring lifelike human simulators and other modern non-animal training methods.

As you know, Danish law and regulations require the use of non-animal training methods whenever possible and the use of human simulators that “breathe” and “bleed” in realistic battlefield scenarios have been proven to prepare military doctors to treat injured patients more effectively than animal laboratories. Binding live pigs to wooden frames and subjecting them to horrific bullet and blast wounds is not only incredibly cruel and inhumane, but it has also proven to be a less effective training method.

I urge you to do all that you can to help put an end to these barbaric exercises and instead promote modern, non-animal military training methods throughout Denmark.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: The Pig Father via Flickr

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  1. this is sickening and so cruel, what are people like, let them shoot each other if they are so keen to kill and hurt things. it is shameful, horrific behaviour

  2. Romola Newport Romola Newport says:

    This is sick, do people really want to be defended by these cowards who kill innocent creatures.

  3. This is so cruel and disgusting. Reading this makes me feel ashamed to be half Danish! They need to update their animal welfare laws immediately

  4. Sheila Jefferson says:

    I BEG you , PLEASE put an end to this evil!!!

  5. Stop kill pigs thru have feelings like people arrest ppl who kill pigs it’s cruelly abuse

  6. Andrea Mack says:

    It shouldn’t take a petition to end this barbaric torture of innocent animals. It should never of been an issue in the first place, why do humans think they can treat animals any way they want? It’s shameful behaviour. Put an end to this practice now!

  7. Michele Shank says:

    Not very proud to be an American right now.

  8. IT’S UNNECESSARY, IT’S IMMORAL, IT’S CRUEL, IT’S UNCONSCIONABLE — Think of the suffering these animals go thru — MORE IMPORTANT, who does research using animals nowadays? All reputable institutions are using non-animal methods — alternative methods — simulators — for their research! Animals are no longer used! STOP USING ANIMALS! IT’S NEEDLESS! IT’S A DISGRACE!

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