Help Ban Performances and Breeding of Orcas


Target: Governor of California, Jerry Brown

Goal: Support the California state bill banning performances and captive breeding of killer whales

The documentary called Blackfish has caused much controversy regarding the treatment of killer whales at the marine mammal park, SeaWorld. Executives from SeaWorld are trying desperately to convince California lawmakers to reconsider passing a bill that will ban any live performances involving killer whales, as well as captive breeding of this marine mammal in the state of California.

Orcas are incompatible to life in captivity than most marine mammals due to their intelligence and massive size. The treatment of orcas at SeaWorld only proves that they should not be held in captivity. The stress these marine mammals are forced to endure is detrimental to their health and state of mind. SeaWorld argues that the orcas only perform movements that they would ordinarily do in the wild, however many of the tricks that the killers whales are told to perform contradicts their claims.

Killer whales do not belong in a marine mammal park. Breeding killer whales in captivity would only give orcas a life spent swimming around in a tank and performing tricks for human entertainment. Sign this petition and support the passage of this bill.


Dear Governor Jerry Brown,

It has come to my attention that California lawmakers are planning on passing a bill that essentially looks out for the best interests of killer whales. The bill bans any live performances and captive breeding of killer whales. I believe that the documentary Blackfish plays a major role in the creation of this bill, as it displays the truth behind the facade of marine mammal life in captivity.

In the documentary, the treatment of these orcas in the marine mammal park, SeaWorld, is finally revealed. I believe that the documentary proves that orcas should not be held in captivity. Their massive size, intelligence, and social nature is not compatible with the tanks they are forced to swim around and live in for a majority of their lives. The tricks that they are made to perform is not something a killer whale would ordinarily do in the wild.

I hope that you recognize that killer whales are incompatible to life in captivity. I urge you to convince the California lawmakers to pass this bill to ban the performances and captive breeding of killer whales.


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Photo credit: Milan Boers via flickr

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  1. Anne Grice says:

    SeaWorld has not decent principles, integrity of human decency. Only a coward corrupt government would condone the abhorrence of SeaWorld sickening level of animal brutality. You are deceiving the paying public because you are drugging these Orcas to perform the most unnatural acts and people are paying to see this. I n my opinion this is a fraud because these are unnatural acts. Then you so callously breed Orcas in your filthy concrete prison cell under the most unbelievable cruelty!! Its only an equally vile non thinking governor of California who could permit such deplorable brutality to continue whilst deceiving the fee paying public. Shameful, disgusting and uncivilised behaviour all round even in 2014!

  2. these amazing beautiful creatures should never be in a place like this, please leave them alone with their own kind, that is not to much to ask for, to make them behave the way they do is just so heart breaking, there is nothing natural about it. sickening.

  3. Nancy O'Neal says:

    Are you the influence that is needed? Are you the one that will stand up for the Orcas and stand against the greedy giant, “SeaWorld”? They so need a hero. We thought they had found one in Bloom but then he suddenly recalled his proposal saying it needed further study! These animals lead an unnatural and sad existence.

    • Barbara Van Tuyl says:

      Sea World needs to be closed. Plain and simple. They’ve done enough damage to last a lifetime and it’s the animals which are paying the price.

  4. This is propagating animal slaves.Seaworld is one of the most evil organizations and its trainers their henchmen. Calves are consistently taken from their mothers. Watch Blackfish and sign the petition to help Tilikum go to a seapen for rehab.

  5. Governor Brown, please hear the cries of the orcas and the millions of people that want to see them lead a normal cetacean life. Please stop SeaWorld and its greedy shareholders from profiting off the stupid parlor tricks of cetacean beings. Orcas and other dolphins alike are too intelligent to be kept as circus performers that are also masturbated, inseminated and diseased by SeaWorlds disturbing “breeding” program. This is not animal husbandry, this is sickening, vile and disturbing forced behavior by humans on animals. Please watch Blackfish, and do your own independent research. There is video on Youtube as to how they gather the sperm and insiminate the female orcas, usually with NO GLOVES or sterile environment. This needs to END and you could be the driving force behind it to set off a world-wide and wonderful chain reaction to give the cetaceans back the freedom they deserve. Give them back the freedom we had no right to take away to begin with. Free them, whether it be to a seapen or back to the wild (where applicable). Thank you, Governor. #FreeTilikum #StopSeaworldSlavey #EmptyTheTanks Please don’t turn your back on them.

  6. Romola Newport Romola Newport says:

    It is heartbreaking to think these beautiful creatures spend their lives in confinement doing ridiculous tricks that the trainers take credit for, they need their freedom.

  7. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Please pass the bill to BAN performances and
    captive breeding!
    Thank you!

  8. Debra Diana says:

    Please do the right thing and pass the ban. We have no right to kidnap these creatures from the ocean and use and torture them for entertainment and the greed of money. Good karma will come your way if you do. Thank you so much.

  9. Set them free — to THEIR natural habitats!

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