Stop Shielding Controversial Animal Researchers


Target: Florida House of Representatives

Goal: Stop bill designed to protect controversial animal researchers

A bill currently being considered by the Florida House of Representatives seeks to hide the identities of animal researchers engaged in controversial animal research projects. Several universities in Florida have been aggressively lobbying the state government to pass this bill. Many of the researchers whose identities the bill seeks to protect are involved in research on non-human primates such as apes and chimpanzees. Medical research on non-human primates is currently illegal in many other countries, including those the European Union. This bill seeks to block the public from effectively scrutinizing the controversial and often inhumane practices engaged in by researchers at these universities. We must speak out against this bill in order to preserve public transparency into these inhumane animal research practices.

The University of Florida contributed much of the language included in the bill. It seeks to protect its researchers from public scrutiny into potentially abusive animal research projects.  According to the animal rights group Eleventh Hour for Animals, these researchers are guilty of “apparent egregious and repeated violations of the Animal Welfare Act related to nonhuman primates being warehoused inside the University of Florida.”

One anonymous primate researcher has stated, “I’m extremely concerned about being able to do primate research on this campus.” If this researcher is so concerned about the public having knowledge of his activities, he should reconsider the ethics of conducting the research at all. The bill being considered by the Florida House of Representatives would make it easier for unethical primate research to continue in secret.

It is bad enough that public institutions such as the University of Florida are allowed to continue conducting inhumane research on non-human primates. The bill currently under consideration seeks to allow this type of research to continue in secret, without public transparency. Please sign this petition and tell the Florida House of Representatives that the public deserves full knowledge of controversial animal research conducted at public institutions.


Dear Florida Congressmen:

I am writing to encourage you to reject the bill you are currently considering, which seeks to hide the identities of researchers conducting controversial animal research at public universities. It is very important that this type of research is completely transparent, so that the public has the ability to scrutinize potentially unethical treatment of animals.

There have been many cases of animal abuse and mistreatment in animal research conducted at public universities in the past. Without full transparency, violations of animal welfare during research are far more likely to occur.  The bill you are currently considering would be doing a disservice to the public by allowing potentially unethical research programs to remain secretive. I urge you to reject this bill.


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Photo credit: Skamnelis via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. brutal torture of animals is the reason why no human, rich poor or struggling is happy.

    tortuous experiments, brutally killing them or skinning them alive is what has brought and is bringing a bad omen on the human race.

  2. It seems like all the “crazies” are here in the USA anymore..what gives????Sicko and psychopaths!!!

  3. Dana Ortega says:

    Do expose all of these monsters do not hide them let the world know who they are

  4. The trend of the “Deciders” to go to great lengths to silence the truth is very disturbing. We should not stand for this.

  5. Murry Cohen says:

    To the vivisectors:
    If what you do is so important and vital to human health, why do it in secret? Because “average people won’t understand”? That is bullshit. It shows contempt for the American people. If what you do is only horrible “on the surface”, then you should be able to educate us and make your case. As with surgery, or war, activities that are horrible on the surface can nevertheless be eventually supported by most people because they can be taught to understand the necessity for the activities despite being horrible on the surface. You choose not to do this. Why? Because you know that, in addition to being horrible on the surface, you can’t convince people of either the ethical or scientific necessity of animal experiments. This puts you in the same class as OTHER secret animal abuse activities, like slaughterhouses, factory farms, and fur “farms”. THESE activities are conducted in secret because the perpetrators know that they are both horrible on the surface and horrible essentially. There is no way to convince people that, despite looking horrible, these activities are nevertheless necessary. The same is true of vivisection. It is done in secret because everyone, on both sides, knows that it is WRONG. Although you defend it for scientific reasons, and we oppose it for scientific reasons, the REAL difference has to do with the nature of the individuals on both sides. We are governed by empathy and compassion, with a sense of right and wrong, and you are like the other animal abusing sociopaths who can torture animals without conscience to advance your personal agendas.

  6. SHUT THEM DOWN! SHUT DOWN the abusive animal research labs!

    IT’S IMMORAL, IT’S NEEDLESS, IT’S CRIMINAL, IT’S CRUEL, IT’S UNCONSCIONABLE — Think of the suffering these animals go thru at the hands of people who do NOT GIVE A DAMN –more important, who does research using animals nowadays? All reputable institutions are using non-animal methods — alternative methods — simulators — for their research! Animals are no longer used! STOP USING ANIMALS! IT’S NEEDLESS! IT’S A DISGRACE! IT’S INSULTING to us all!

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