Urge Schools to Boycott Cruel Slaughterhouses


Target: Mississippi State Superintendent of Education Dr. Carey Wright

Goal: Demand that schools end their partnerships with cruel slaughterhouses by pledging to boycott meat that has not been humanely sourced

Last year, undercover video footage revealed the barbaric conditions of a slaughterhouse in Mississippi. Employees at Southern Quality Meats, Inc. (SQM) were recorded beating mother pigs on the face and head with chains and jabbing pigs with electric prongs for up to 30 minutes at a time prior to hanging them upside down by one leg and slitting their throats. Thankfully, after an investigation by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) found that the slaughterhouse was breaking federal law, this sordid slaughterhouse has now been scheduled to close in June.

However, prior to the federal investigation, the slaughterhouse was supplying its inhumanely-sourced meat products to Mississippi schools and had contracts totaling approximately $6 million in taxpayer funds. Now that SQM has been forced to close its doors, the Mississippi Department of Education must be prevented from doing business with other cruel slaughterhouses. We cannot allow the department to continue using taxpayer dollars to fund any slaughterhouse that is believed to have violated federal law by ineffectively stunning pigs during their final, and terrifying, moments.

By signing this petition, you will be urging school officials to pledge to refrain from contracting with any slaughterhouse that has failed to comply with the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act or otherwise violated animal-protection laws. We cannot allow taxpayer dollars to continue to fund the horrific abuse of such gentle, intelligent creatures.


Dear Dr. Wright,

I am writing to urge the Mississippi Department of Education to pledge that it will never do business with slaughterhouses that are known to have broken the federal Humane Methods of Slaughter Act or other animal protection laws.

As you may know, Southern Quality Meats, Inc., the Pontotoc-based pig slaughterhouse to which your department previously funneled nearly $6 million in taxpayer funds for the purpose of supplying sausage to schools, is scheduled to close this summer after it was revealed that the company violated federal law with its cruel torture and slaughter of pigs. Undercover video footage revealed that workers employed incorrect stunning techniques and failed to effectively render the pigs unconscious, meaning they were fully alert while their throats were slit.

Now that this cruel, lawbreaking slaughterhouse is closing, please give Mississippi schools a fresh start by pledging to boycott meat from any slaughterhouse that does not comply with animal welfare standards.


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Photo credit: Scott Bauer via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. I have always said that every slaughter house should have CCTV because the cruelty that goes on in them is horrific, I am not sure about the people that do these things, they really are the lowest of the low, vile evil and can only manage in life to hurt helpless animals, they must feel so clever, shame you are morons and sicko’s


    • 10000% RIGHT KAY

      I have emailed my disgusting PM tony abattoir many times asking for CCTV’s in all slaughter houses & never get a reply. Mostly prisioners, criminals all work at abattoirs, it’s like only crims are allowed to work in these hell holes & the government know this and condon it too … They will all rot in hell for what they do to animals & those that allow and/or turn a blind eye to the Criminal Animal Abuse.. They make me sick . POOR ANIMALS ARE SEEN AS THE PUNCHING BAGS OF A SICK & TWISTED SOCIETY.

      • Gail Delaney says:

        people are doing bad stuff more than you think. CCTV everywhere, I say! In the classrooms, in the slaughter houses,

        Or, in the meanwhile, we can pray for the people infested with evil. Love your enemies and send in the justice of God power. It works, but more people need to use it: prayer with love – love your enemies – it’s the only way to make your prayers work!

  2. Anne Gough says:

    The people in charge of these places need to be prosecuted under the Crimes Act, Cruelty is a Crime. The places concerned need to be shut down. NO NEED FOR IT AT ALL, MY HUSBAND AND I STOPPED EATING MEAT BECAUSE OF THESE HORRIBLE PRACTICES.

    • Christina Anderson says:

      I, too stopped eating meat because I don’t think any animal should have to die so I can stuff my face. People who work in slaughter-houses and people who own and operate them are scum-of-the-earth. Evil bastards.

  3. Shirley Kramer says:

    It really pisses me off that these farms and slaughter houses have to be such cruel vindictive bastards to horrifically put these animals through unjust abuse. You really think your such big shots by destroying these already scared animals. I think these places need to walk in the steps these animals walk ever day, all day long. Tell me, do you scum bags treat your pets or family like this? Get some damn compassion in your heart and soul and free these animals from unjustified acts of cruelty and torture!!!

    • It also pisses me off, this is a nightmare I cannot believe people are capable of doing this !!! These animals do not deserve to be treated that way !!! This is making me sick to see how people can be this CRAZY

  4. Caroline bill says:

    What disgusting horrible people they are. They will go to hell. I agree with having CCTV installed in these places.

  5. These evil, horrible people need to stopped now!! The should all be jailed for a long time! It’s inexcusable to treat any living being this way!

  6. Nancy O'Neal says:

    Surprise inspections by law officials and CCTV would be a start in controlling this madness. Are we not electing the right officials? We need to know if the candidates care about this sort of thing before we vote. What kind of person must you be to work there in the first place? I shudder to think.

  7. Stan Benton says:

    Schools shouldn’t be feeding the rotting corpses of any type of murdered animal to their students. But at least this petition is a decent start considering societal norms at this point.

  8. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Boycott meat from any slaughterhouse that does not comply with animal welfare standards!

  9. I feel so so sorry for the animals — how they’re so horribly and cruelly treated — these psychos, these sociopaths without conscience belong nowhere near animals! WHO HIRED THESE IDIOTS! They should all be thrown in prison — they’re mentally unstable, they’re a danger to all of us! LISTEN PEOPLE — If you must eat meat, buy from “CERTIFIED HUMANE Raised & Handled” — Animals from these smaller farms are treated properly, with care and respect, from birth onward, 24/7 — do a search for “HFAC.”

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