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Target: Sara Zamora

Goal: Condemn woman for killing animals for pornography

A Miami woman was recently arrested when investigators were tipped about an extreme and disturbing pornography that featured the decapitation of several animals, including chickens and rabbits. 28-year-old Sara Zamora was arrested on eight felony counts of animal cruelty and is currently awaiting trial. Sign this petition and condemn the woman for allegedly killing animals for the gratification of her viewers.

“Crush” is a twisted and demented animal torture genre in pornography where animals are abused for the audience. The video clips depicted Zamora and other porn actresses “torturing and killing a wide variety of animals, including chickens, rabbits and more for the sexual gratification of their viewers.” It’s believed that the video was filmed in 2012 at the South Miami-Dade home of Adam Redford who is listed as a co-defendant, but he is on probation for a similar animal cruelty case.

Authorities from the Miami-Dade police were notified about the video clips from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA consider the prosecution “excellent news” and stated that such videos that graphically depict animals suffering and being killed are illegal under state and federal laws.

Depicted in these clips, Zamora is seen groping a man’s genitals while also hacking off the head of a chicken with hedge clippers. In another she is seen posing in a “sexy outfit” while hacking off the head of a screaming bird, or beating chickens to death with a wooden stick. She also karate chopped the necks of several rabbits as they howled in pain.

Authorities are working diligently to prosecute Zamora for her crimes. If she is convicted of all animal cruelty charges, she could face up to five years in prison per count. There are concerns that she won’t be prosecuted because the video is believed to have been made in 2012, and the statue of limitations could be up. Sign this petition and condemn this woman’s disturbing actions.


Dear Sara Zamora,

I am writing this letter to condemn your actions in a pornography where you tortured and killed animals for the gratification of your sexual viewers. This kind of disturbing and stomach churning action deeply upsets me and many of our animal welfare groups and I hope you are severely punished for your actions.

Our animals deserve respect, dignity, and love. You have shown that you lack any of these traits, and again this upsets me. It terrifies me that the crush genre is still at large, and our animals are suffering needlessly for a demented fetish. I hope you never get the chance to own an animal and that you are prosecuted to the full extent of the law for your crimes.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit:  Tomi Tapio K via flickr

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  1. Maria IVA casanova says:


  2. Sara Zamora: legge del taglione !! troia decerebrata!!!

  3. raja ferrell says:

    You, sick mentally ill and demented freak. You and your sex filled evil friends need your plastic bodies ripped with razors. And let ants have their fill but not before your eye lids have been ripped off. And honey poured up your nose. 🙂 see if that gets you off

  4. These people are obviously not normal and should be locked up for life to protect the normal general public.

  5. Gill kenny says:

    Sara you are a disgusting human being you honestly are. But you will get what’s coming to you. How can you people live with yourselves. Ur twisted and evil.

  6. Gina chronowicz says:

    If anyone sees this type of site on the internet you shouldn’t say or do anything to warn those involved, or talk about it on open forum.

    If U.S. simply contact FBI – is good starting point – to notify them of online crime and hope they can trace these people before they disappear. Otherwise those involved would only do it again and more animals will suffer the same fate.

  7. She is a cunt.

  8. Carol Coates says:

    I despair! I just don’t understand especially how someone can get turned on by this sort of behaviour! I JUST DON’T GET IT!!!!!


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