Support Reducing Discrimination Against Pit Bulls

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Target: Governor Martin O’Malley

Goal: Commend Maryland’s passage of a law to reduce the targeting of pit bull dogs and the people who associate with them

Recently, the state of Maryland passed what is known neutral dog bite liability legislation, correcting a court case which specifically targeted pit bulls. This new legislation will make only the dog owner responsible if their pet bites anyone, instead of third parties. Sign this petition and commend state of Maryland for this decision.

Pits bulls have long been targeted as aggressive dog breeds because of their use in dog fighting. This has led to many states adopting laws that target pit bulls, but this discrimination is not based on fact. Pit bull is an artificial term which actually covers several different dog breeds who share similar characteristics. A previous ruling stated that if a pit bull dog attacked another person and the victim sued, the dog owner and landlord would be responsible for the damage.

This previous ruling also made other third parties who associated with the dog liable. People and organizations like veterinarians, shelters, landlords, pet sitters, groomers, and rescue groups could be held liable for the behavior of the dog. The new legislation will place responsibility solely upon the owner, no matter what breed of dog is involved in a biting incident. The new rule was also supported by a coalition of animal welfare groups, animal shelters, dog advocacy groups, and rental housing groups.

Pit bulls continue to be targeted because of their history with dog fighting. Please know that the likelihood for a dog to bite depends on numerous of factors, like early socialization, living conditions, and the owner’s choices to spay or neuter their dog. No dog has a locking jaw, but pit bulls have been discriminated against because negligent and cruel dog owners train them to fight. Sign this petition and commend the state of Maryland for rectifying a discriminatory piece of legislation and advocating for neutrality.


Dear Governor Martin O’Malley,

The United States is full of dog lovers, so you can understand the uproar over the Tracey vs. Solesky ruling that targeted pit bulls. As you may know, the term pit bull is an incorrect term, as it identifies several dog breeds with similar characteristics. The previous ruling unfairly targeted pit bulls by identifying them as aggressive, and also made third parties liable for the dogs’ actions.

If a human decides to get a dog, they should be the ones solely responsible for the dog. Vets, animal shelters, and the landlord shouldn’t be liable and the previous ruling created tension between landlords and their tenants. I am writing this letter to commend your state for rectifying this legislation and advocating for neutrality.


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  1. There is nothin wrong with. Pit bulls or any other dog. It’s the. Humans we have problem with!!!!

  2. it is such a shame that these poor dogs have got such a bad name, but it is the way they are treated by the moron that own them, I have met a couple with one of these dogs and it is the sweetest thing you could meet, it has been treated well.

  3. Romola Newport Romola Newport says:

    This is the same as discrimination against humans, it is an excuse for humans to abuse Pit bulls because of their breed.

  4. Now we need to put the mugshots and identities of bad pit bull owners on the news, instead of gifting them with anonymity due to racial sensitivity. In other words, because the majority of dog fighting is form street gangs, they won’t publish the identities of those arrested for dog fighting.

  5. There ia good and bad in all of us,the same for the animal kingdom,mostly it comes from bad parenting and bad animal owners.

  6. agreed,Sheila. That is why that I say that bad people are bad people, and should not allow them to hide in the shadows.

  7. I don’t think many people realize that Pit Bulls are not aggressive by nature, despite contrary beliefs. They’re trained, under horrific conditions, to become ruthless, bloodthirsty machines. I think the guilty party should be the owners, not the dogs.

  8. finally someone pushing forward.pitbulls aren’t bad.they are just like any dog only there to please their owner,and just like any dog they get scared,they feel pain and all they want is’s not the dogs fault it’s the owner’s fault for training the dog to become dangerous.the dog is just really in a lot of pain and doesn’t want to be hurt anymore and that’s all it knows.but we can retrain any dog to be good it’s the owners you can’t train and should really be held responsible for what they did to the poor dog.if these morons can think of doing stupid things then they better be ready to pay up big time.

  9. The problem is not the breed but the owner !!!!

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