Stop Killing Dogs for Dog Leather

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Target: Prime Minister of Thailand Yingluck Shinawatra

Goal: Stop the horrendous dog leather industry from killing dogs for pelts

The Thai Police have recently made a gruesome discovery in the forest alongside the Laos border. They uncovered hundreds upon hundreds of dog pelts in a pile next to dog bones. This horrific discovery sheds light on how big the dog leather trade really is. Many people are familiar with the dog meat trade, however, the dog leather industry may be just as shocking.

Dog leather is used by factories to make everything from drums to golf gloves. Golf glove manufacturers especially value the skin from male dog testicles because the skin from that area has a softer quality. The demand for dog pelts appallingly works hand in hand with the dog meat trade. Many dog smugglers are drawn to Thailand due to its large population of stray dogs. Smugglers continue to sneak dog parts across the border from Thailand and Laos. If their attempts are successful, it is most likely that the dog pelts and meat would be transported to Vietnam or China, where the demand for dog parts is particularly strong.

The entire ordeal for these dogs is extremely cruel from beginning to end. Usually the dogs would be skinned alive and have to endure an excruciating amount of pain before they die. It is an absolutely cruel and horrendous industry and it must be stopped as soon as possible. Sign this petition and urge the Prime Minister of Thailand to crack down on the smuggling and trade of dog parts.


Dear Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra,

The recent discovery of the dog pelts and dog bones by the border of Laos shows that the dog leather and meat industry is still thriving, despite attempts to end it. Although the dog meat trade is equally gruesome as the dog leather trade, I fear that the demand for dog pelts may cause smugglers to kill more dogs solely for their skin.

The skins of these dogs are being used to make things such as drums and golf gloves. Since many of the golf glove manufacturers value the soft quality of the skin from the testicles of male dogs, they may pressure the smugglers to capture more dogs to fulfill their demands for this particular area of dog skin. These dogs go through an incredibly excruciating ordeal before they die due to the fact that they are usually skinned alive and left to slowly succumb to their wounds.

I urge you to take immediate action to end the smuggling of dog parts across your borders as soon as possible. These acts of cruelty toward these animals should not be allowed to continue.


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Photo credit: Mattes via wikimedia

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  1. Killing the dogs is so disgusting,appalling, cruel and horrible enough but how the dogs are treated before they die is just unconscionable. How can these people sleep at night?? They must remember that we are all held accountable for what we do on this planet and these sickos better lookout!

    • These people have no feelings. They are lower than animals surely someone must be able to adverte this through world wide press.
      How would some rubbish bags look made from these people’s skin?

  2. I hate to say this but these poor animals are better of dead, which is a dreadful thing, their lives must be unbearable, this race of people will never have it in then to feel for any animal, and I expect the death to just be as horrific, if only I could skin then alive, my heart goes out to any animal unlucky enough to be born in these vile countries, I only hope that in their life time they feel some horrific things, painful and long, lowlife,

  3. subumani…

  4. So what makes this different from using other animal skins? It’s wrong to use ANY animal; dog, cat, cow, sheep, mink, snake, etc for their skin. It’s not just other countries. What are your shoes made of??? I’m vegan, so I cam answer, NOT an animal!

  5. what the hell is wrong with people in these countries,, they have no compassion or heart. only greed. its so sad that the animals born in these country. every human that has hurt any dog or cat or other animal, should be strung up and skinned, and see how it feels.. i am so sad for the animals.. we live in a world that is greedy and heartless and so selfish.

  6. violet botha says:

    These people have no feelings. They are worse than animals. Can’t something be done to expose this on world wide news. Wonder what dog blankets would look like made from these murderers skins. Feeding their meat to hungry animals and drying their testicles to sell to the Chinese instead of Rhino horn.

  7. It’s so heartbreaking … when will society stop them? When will the govt stop them?

    what will it take? Where’s the rationality?

    Where’s the compassion? Why the cruelty?

    Where’s the conscience? Where are your morals?


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