Save Rare Lynx from Illegal Trapping

Canada lynx

Target: Idaho Department of Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore

Goal: Develop and enact a conservation plan to protect the endangered Canada lynx from incidental trapping

Three conservation groups recently initiated a lawsuit against the governor of Idaho and other state officials to halt trapping that illegally kills one of the rarest cats in the United States, the Canada lynx. According to The Center for Biological Diversity, the state of Idaho is enabling Endangered Species Act violations by permitting trapping that leads to incidental killing of lynx. Urge the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to develop a conservation plan that would help maintain the survival of these beautiful, threatened animals.

Under the Endangered Species Act, trapping of lynx is illegal, even if the animal is released alive. Any agency that permits trapping is liable under the Act. Trapping permitted by the state of Idaho is pushing these animals toward extinction, which is a clear violation of the Act.

The Canada lynx is a threatened species that numbers as few as one hundred in the state of Idaho. Recreational trapping poses great risk for the lynx living there. Although the intentional trapping of lynx is not permitted under Idaho law, increases in trapping licenses and fur prices, especially for bobcat, have resulted in incidental trapping of lynx. In the past two years, at least three lynx have been unintentionally caught by bobcat trappers.

Urge the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to develop a conservation plan to save the Canada lynx from extinction. Hold them accountable for permitting activity that is in clear violation of the Endangered Species Act and demand that they develop and enact new measures to save the lynx.


Dear Director Moore,

The Canada lynx population in Idaho is under great threat, and without taking swift action, they may face extinction. Habitat destruction and reduced snowpacks from climate change have left the lynx vulnerable, and now incidental trapping is on the rise due to an increased volume of fur trapping in Idaho.

The Endangered Species Act makes it illegal to kill, trap, harm or harass any endangered or threatened species, and a government agency that permits such activity is also liable. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game needs to develop a conservation plan with measures to avoid and reduce incidental trapping of lynx. I urge your agency to set restrictions on conibear, body-crushing traps, and snares, and enact reporting requirements and ongoing monitoring, including a daily trap check in lynx habitat.

Idaho is a critical area for the lynx, allowing for a healthy mixing between populations inhabiting the Rocky Mountains and Canada. If the lynx in Idaho are lost, the entire western U.S. population is at risk for extinction. Take steps immediately to save this beautiful and important animal.


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Photo credit: Michael Zahra via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Cecily Colloby. says:

    Why the hell are these traps even LEGAL at all in America???? It’s a pity those who set them don’t get caught in them themselves and have to spend days on end suffering….

    • Cecily- i agree with you 100% trappers and hunters should undergo the exact same painful torment that they inflict on animals Those barbarians in idaho are an embarrassment to this country. They are so despicably cruel and blood thirsty.

  2. There is no need to trap animals for their fur. People don’t need to wear furs ,if they do,then they have a big problem that needs immediate attention.Wearing fur is no longer the in thing done by the in crowd or the thing to do.And yes, furs are very beautiful, if they are on their rightful owners, the ones’ that were born with them.No more animals of any kind should ever die just so some self serving cruel person can wear its fur. That is just so DAMMED selfish!

  3. Colleen M. King says:

    These rare cats should have the freedom to roam without Bein trapped anythin rare&precious new they want to kill&destroy.S/S

  4. No surprise that this is happening in Idaho. The absolute worst state in the union for killing animals. Just a bunch of complete assholes who have no self esteem nor integrity. They are nothing but putrid vomit.

  5. Romola Newport Romola Newport says:

    Non human animals have no defense against these cowards with guns and traps, they think the are tough killing defenseless creatures, maybe the could hunt each other would be a fair fight.

  6. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    Idaho is doing this? What a surprise. We need to inform them that we no longer need animal fur to keep warm; there are some very nice faux furs out there. If there are Idaho residents who insist on living in the past, they could join a Civil War reenactment group and honor their forefathers in a constructive manner.

  7. Is there nothing that these humans can leave be. They are into every aspect of cruelty, they leave no stone unturned. When will they ever learn?

    If not now , then when?
    If not me, then whom?

  8. Trapping should be illegal full stop! Shut it down! Surely there are more humane ways to target pests??!!!

  9. Idaho sucks. Butch Otter sucks, the Big Ag corrupt cronies suck, the attorney general sucks…Idaho is just one big festering SuckFest. They can take their cruel traps and ag-gag laws and shove them up their corrupt asses.

  10. wild deer says:

    Non human animals have no defense against these cowards with guns and traps, they think the are tough killing defenseless creatures, maybe the could hunt each other would be a fair fight.

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