Stop Law Meant to Keep Animal Abuse in the Dark


Target: Senator Paul Hornback, chair of the Kentucky Senate Agricultural Committee

Goal: Stop ban on documentation of animal rights abuses in factory farms

Kentucky State Representative Joni Jenkins sponsored a bill in January called House Bill 222, with the intent to set strict standards for the use of euthanasia in animal shelters.  Unfortunately, when the bill entered committee in the State Senate, things went awry.  Language was added to the bill that would restrict or even ban animal rights advocates from entering farms and slaughterhouses to record animal abuse.

Such legislation bans the use of hidden cameras to film abuses carried out on factory farms, and is a direct attack on animal rights organizations trying to stop and prevent animal rights violations.  Bills including language like this are often referred to as “ag-gag bills.”  The addition of such a provision comes on the heels of many alleged instances of animal cruelty on Kentucky family farms, many reported here on ForceChange.  Call on the Kentucky Senate to remove the “ag-gag” provision of the bill, and restore this important piece of legislation to Representative Jenkin’s original intention of helping animals.  Senator Paul Hornback, who leads the Kentucky Senate Agricultural Committee, has the power to remove all “ag-gag” language in this bill; call on him to do so today.

The ability of animal rights groups to investigate factory farming operations and slaughter houses is crucial to preventing animal abuse.  In the last few years, undercover operations have exposed animal cruelty in Kentucky and many other states time and time again.  The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals pointed out in a recent statement that while it is deplorable that big agribusiness is edging its way into legislation at all, it is especially tragic in the case of House Bill 222, which was originally meant to protect animals.  The Kentucky Farm Bureau, a lobbyist group that represents not only small family farms but also large factory farm operations, unsurprisingly supports the bill.

Luckily, there are many legislative obstacles the bill has yet to overcome before it can become a law, and there is plenty of time for revision.  As it stands, the bill’s original author Rep. Jenkins says she cannot support her own bill, calling the new language “possibly unconstitutional,” and “disturbing.”  Urge the leader of the Kentucky Senate Agricultural Committee, Paul Hornback to stand up to big agribusiness and factory farms and to restore House Bill 222 to its original intent and purpose.


Dear Senator Paul Hornback,

Animal abuse is rampant on factory farms in many states, including Kentucky.  In order to expose such animal cruelty, it is vital that animal rights groups be able to investigate abuses without fear of retribution.  Representative Joni Jenkins, the author of House Bill 222 did not intend for her bill to contribute to animal cruelty, but rather to protect them from unnecessary or painful euthanasia in shelters.

I am writing to you today to urge you to remove the “ag-gag” provision of House Bill 222.  It is an unnecessary clause and possibly goes against the state constitution of Kentucky.  Please remove this language today.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Human Society of the United States via wikimedia commons

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  2. Cecily Colloby. says:

    The next step in this insanity will be to ban anyone witnessing a crime from giving evidence-it’s the same thing, surely??? The most mad thing I have ever heard-but then the world is getting madder by the minute.

  3. nothing should be made to live their lives in this horrific condition, what is the matter with people, will it always be money that comes first, it really should not, all animals should be allowed to at least live a good life even the way they are slaughtered is disgusting,

  4. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Why would anyone support cruelty???
    REMOVE ALL ag-gags in this bill!!

  5. Stan Benton says:

    You can bet that the rider outlawing gathering evidence of animal abuse in factory farms was hardly inserted by accident. Let’s hold these sickos accountable. Of course the sooner we all stop eating the rotting corpses of murdered animals, and put factory farms out of business, the better. As extra incentive, you can bet that 99% of these animals are also fed toxic GMOs, so suffer long before they are murdered, and pass their toxins on to whatever eats them.

  6. olocauso del 3° millennio

  7. Lisa Scharin says:

    Well, this is yet another egregious act perpetrated by corrupt, evil people!! Rep. Jenkins can’t even support her own bill??? WOW!!! It is MORE & MORE apparent just how insidious, repulsive, cruel and destructive factory farms are! This is actually like WWII and the concentration camps, only the victims are animals! We CANNOT, SHOULD NOT allow or tolerate such conditions, confinement, cruelty toward living sentient beings! Pigs are actually smarter than dogs and as smart as 5 year old children! They can play video games. The BAN of gestation crates, battery ages, veal crates, tail-docking, debeaking, castration and on and on MUST END!! These people are EVIL, are criminals, sick! GO VEGAN AND NO ONE GETS HURT! Regardless of where you get your animal flesh- YOU are STILL supporting extreme cruelty and abuse! NO animal needs to die for you to eat!! NONE!!! GOD gives us a PLANT-BASED diet in Genesis and countries and religions that are mostly vegan/vegetarian are the healthiest in the world!

  8. Lisa Scharin says:

    SO imagine living in one of those gestation crates, or a cage so small you cannot even turn around, stretch your legs, arms, etc. How HORRIBLE is that??? Are we educated, civilized?? When will we be?????!!!


    THEY HAVE RIGHTS! If it’s NOT ok to abuse people, then it’s NOT ok to abuse animals!


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