Punish Lab for Brutal Murder of Monkeys

Cynomolgus Monkey

Target: U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack

Goal: Punish a Texas research facility for the negligence that led to the brutal deaths of 13 monkeys

It was recently revealed that 13 lab primates have died in two separate incidents at a South Texas research facility, just a month apart. In each case, the facility thermostat malfunctioned, causing temperatures to rise to the point that the animals died of hyperthermia. They literally roasted to death due to negligence. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is investigating the incidents to see if the facility should face federal penalties.

The company that owns the facility didn’t report the problem to the USDA until the second time it happened. The fact that they didn’t fix the issue with the thermostat the first time and therefore allowed 11 more already exploited monkeys to die in such a horrible fashion shows that this company does not feel any regard for the lives and well-being of their lab animals. This pattern of negligence will surely lead to more deaths unless they face some real consequences for their actions.

The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has the authority to punish the company in charge of this facility with either a fine, a suspension or revoking of their operating license. By signing this petition, you’ll help to demand that the USDA conduct a full investigation into the incidents and punish them to the full extent of the law for causing 13 monkeys to be cooked to death in their cages.


Dear Secretary Vilsack,

I understand that one of your investigators discovered the deaths of 13 lab monkeys at a research facility, at least 11 of which died due to the fact that the company failed to fix the malfunctioning thermostat that killed the first two animals. This negligence caused these innocent, exploited animals to literally cook to death while trapped in their cages. Each one was found to have died of hyperthermia after temperatures in the facility soared and stayed high for several hours.

These animals were already forced to endure experimentation for the sake of human safety, so we can take drugs that improve our own lives. The least we can do is ensure a baseline level of decent conditions and care for the lab monkeys, which is why there are ethical rules that facilities like the one in Alice, Texas have to follow. It’s your job to make sure that any company that breaks these laws is handed a proper punishment.

I urge you to do your job by conducting a thorough investigation of the events and delivering a punishment that fits the crime. Both incidents could have been avoided with proper safety measures, and it is absolutely unacceptable that the company didn’t fix the problem when the first two monkeys died. Please show research facilities across the country that they can’t get away with this kind of deadly negligence.


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Photo credit: Chris huh via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Who can find the words… The greater offense lies on those who hold up these experiments on animals. There is enough to learn about your own wretched selves, why you are the way you are, and how it is your dark world is so covered with cruelty, oppression, and the sun never lights on you, but you walk in darkness all your life staining the earth and molesting the creatures to no end.

  2. All of this needs to stop. This killing by the heat was horrible, but they most likely suffered far less than the ones that lived on to be painfully experimented on for months or more likely years more before they are killed.

  3. Helen Tanguis says:

    Just collateral damage, so say the FEDS, right? WRONG! I don’t ever want to earn a living by doing what our govt. allows to continue to turn a blind eye.

  4. It really is time to move away from forced experiments on poor animals. We humans have over populated the world and dominate all living things for our selfish vanity, it’s time we volunteered. I volunteered in a hospital when I was young. At least we understand what’s happening.

  5. Cecily Colloby says:

    Totally agree with Sheri Kennedy…..roast the person responsible to death too.

  6. It’s a shame that in a new millennium people still find it necessary (or sadistic) to test anything on defense less animals. It’s sickening and disgusting.

  7. Could you imagine living in a tiny cell. Then daily taken out daily. To have people do heinous acts of cruelty to you. All in the name of science. People who work at these labs. Are sadist, they enjoy hurting animals. This needs to be stopped. What scientific benefits comes from animal cruelty? Zero in my mind!


  9. Michelle Rose says:

    Stop testing on animals why not use criminals that might be a good idea. They are a waste of skin so do your million dollar test trials on them. It’s inhumane to treat any living creature and subject them to torture. Stop now.

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