Remove Talk Radio Host for Spreading Fear of Pit Bulls


Target: Samantha Bowman of Sirius XM’s Media Relations

Goal: Remove talk radio show host who has made hateful comments about pit bulls from the radio

Recently, a talk show radio host known by the name Dr. Laura made hateful and ignorant comments about pit bulls. Schlessigner further perpetuated the pit bull’s inaccurate stereotype as a violent, disobedient breed with the comments made during her segment. She expressed her belief that all pit bulls should be put down and that there was no place for them in American homes. Her comments are not only hateful but based on false assumptions.

Pit bulls are misunderstood and often seen in a negative light because many people use the breed for illegal dog fighting. Therefore, all pit bulls are presumed to be violent and uncontrollable. Their reputation deters families from adopting or keeping pit bulls for fear of an attack. However, the pit bull is not inherently violent. The dog’s behavior is dependent on how it is raised and its environment. Recently many pit bull owners have come forth with pictures and testimonies of their calm, loving pit bulls as proof that the breed itself is not dangerous. However, the reputation still stands, and because of it, many pit bulls sadly end up in shelters and are eventually euthanized.

During Schlessigner’s segment “Ways to Fight Loneliness,” which aired on Sirius XM, she explained a visit she made to a local animal shelter. There, just like in many other shelters, she noted there were a fair number of pit bulls. But instead of expressing empathy for the poor animals, she said that she believed “pit bulls are a waste of space and should all be put down.”

Her opinion is cruel and untrue. What is most important to note though is that her hateful message is being spread to the public. If we continue to allow Laura Schlessigner on the air, she will continue to perpetuate hate and acts of violence against these innocent creatures. Schlessigner and her twisted messages must be stopped. By signing the petition below you are helping to take Laura Schlessigner off of Sirius XM radio so that she can never spread hateful messages towards pit bulls again.


Dear Ms. Bowman,

Talk radio host Dr. Laura recently expressed a hateful message about pit bulls on a segment that aired on Sirius XM. In her segment, she explained how pit bulls are “a waste of space and should all be put down.” In that statement, she is suggesting the use of violence and animal cruelty against these innocent animals.

Pit bulls are just as loving and kind as any other breed of dogs but unfortunately get a horrible reputation because of their relation to illegal dog fighting. However, pit bulls are not inherently violent and as a breed definitely do not deserve the overgeneralized reputation of being dangerous.

Laura Schlessigner is not only suggesting hate, cruelty, and violence against these animals but is perpetuating an inaccurate stereotype. I urge you to take action by taking Laura Schlessigner off the air. People like her who support animal cruelty do not deserve to have a public platform.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: MoraKe via Flickr

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  1. This radio host is irresponsible, stupid and arrogant. Any dog can be aggresssive especially if the owner trains it to be that way. Be responsibble and don’t feed the fury that is not true about the whole breed there is enough hatred stated without the facts.

  2. This “doctor” is a phd in physiology. Even her father hated this “doctor”. Consider the source. She’s an A$$HOLE.

  3. caryl sawyer says:

    Isn’t this the same nutcase from years earlier? And people are listening to her?

  4. Karen Remnant says:

    What a stupid woman! It’s the bad owners who should be put down. Throw her in with them for good measure, doubt she’d be missed much. We have no need of such stupid, ill-informed idiots. Pit bulls, like all breeds, make loving pets! Problems arise when they’re owned by morons.

  5. As animal advocates work to ban breed specific legislation ignorant people like her spread fear and propagate misunderstanding. She needs to stop acting like she knows anything about dogs; she is clearly misinformed .

  6. As animal advocates work to ban breed specific legislation, ignorant people like her spread misinformation and fear. She clearly has no knowledge of dogs and no empathy for a misunderstood breed. People have overbred, tortured and mistreated pit bulls treating them as a cash crop. Time for her to move on to a topic she has some knowledge of, if there is one.

  7. Mrs. Trish Geidel says:


  8. Minette Van schalkwyk Minette van Schalkwyk says:

    Ignorant fool. It all depends of the dog owner how the dog’s behaviour is going to be. I also had the wrong idea about them until I hve met a pitbull owner and his dog. What a lovely dog! and it was all because he was raised lovingly.

  9. Im a little late on my comment but this crypt keeper needs to spend the day in a shelter with pit boyfriend and i have three and i love them all .we saved their lives and they are intelligent,loving and playful.they get a bad rap but true dog and pit bull owners knows they are the your universe. So to the crypt keeper i hope you lose your job you radio loser host…

  10. Michelle Rose says:

    IGNORANCE is weakness and that is what you are. You have no knowledge of this breed due to your narrow mindedness. You are ignorant, clueless and uncompassionate I assume to all animals. I pray due to your irresponsible comments that you pay, you lose your talk show and that you will never be sponsored again. Leave our bully breeds alone you are just as much as a killer as the bad owners and shelter’s. STOP AND GO TO HELL

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