Stop Severe Donkey Mistreatment

Act against Severe Donkey Mistreatment

Target: Nikolaos Zorzos, Mayor of Santorini 

Goal: Give working donkeys in Santorini minimum standards of welfare 

The island of Santorini is a tourist hotspot for people venturing to Greece. However, it is also known for its donkeys and notorious for the cruelty that these animals suffer. Complaints have been rampant for years about the condition of the donkeys and the treatment from their drivers. A study last year found that these donkeys are still subject to abject lives and horrible mistreatment, despite numerous operations by animal welfare groups. Petition the Mayor of Santorini to take action, and protect these donkeys from neglect and misery.

As well as leisure rides, donkeys in Santorini operate as ‘taxis’, ferrying people and luggage around town. Not only do the donkeys have to carry many overweight people, but they are expected to carry cases of heavy luggage simultaneously. They are denied shade, water, and rest for hours at a time, leaving them exhausted and dehydrated. Medical care is something unheard of for most of these donkeys, and with poor quality equipment that cuts into their skin, these animals suffer horribly with their daily toil: treatment like this equivalent to cruelty.

We must persuade the Mayor of Santorini to take action and enforce standards for the donkeys’ welfare. Sign this petition to protect donkeys in Santorini from the neglect and cruelty they suffer on a daily basis.


Dear Mr. Zorzos,

After reading of the mistreatment that donkeys in Santorini suffer, I am compelled to write in their favor, and ask that you enforce minimum welfare standards on their behalf.

Donkeys in your town are subject to terrible neglect, which amounts to animal cruelty. They are denied shade, water, and rest for hours at a time in blistering heat. Moreover, they suffer through all these carrying passengers and luggage that are far above their pain threshold.

Organizations have tried to work with drivers in the past, but have been unable to ensure a longstanding change in attitude. I ask that you take action. Complaints against the way donkeys are treated in your town have been ongoing for years, and these will only increase if no change is taken and more people are made aware of it. This could lead to a decrease in visitors and deficits in your tourism industry: more than this, freeing animals from lives of pain and suffering it is the decent thing to do.

I ask that you give Santorini’s donkeys basic needs: access to fresh water at all times; a minimum rest period; regular shade; a maximum weight-bearing limit; and veterinary care and inspections to ensure cruelty does not continue. These are small things to ask, but will mean the world to these overworked and neglected creatures. Do the right thing for Santorini and the people who visit your island will thank you for it – as will the donkeys.


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Photo credit: veesees via Flickr

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  1. Cynthia dsouza says:

    Fucking humans

  2. wendy lee Williams says:

    How idiotic and depraved the donkey abusers are since rhey have nothing better to do. They must be retrained to think and act humanely. Plus be punished for their violence.

  3. These people need to be made accountable for their actions and throw the book at them! Maybe if laws were better & they had to pay for their actions, they would treat the animals better! Jerks

  4. Melanie Young says:

    This has ALWAYS BEEN WRONG! You’d see me walking before sitting on those poor abused donkeys. Hauling lazy fat people up and down the canyon. Let them be free in a field so they can walk without 250 – 300lbs on them all day. FREE THEM!!

  5. Ronnie Jamison says:

    How inhuman we humans can be the way some treat our beautiful animals is an absolute disgrace. Those poor creatures my heart aches for them. Can’t something be done to stop such cruelty ? It’s about time we stood up to these people and put a stop to such abuse.

  6. Melanie Young says:

    Its greed and not having a heart that this guy is doing this to his herd of donkeys. Why, cuz they aren’t as beautiful as horses, you ride and beat them into the ground? I hope you change the way you take care of them before you have no clients!

  7. Time after time we see this.whats it going to take to stop this

  8. Schluss mit tierquäler und tiermörder.

  9. Heike Kraack says:

    Schämt euch

  10. Please stop it .I canr see it It so very sad.

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