Prosecute TV Show for Brutal Staged Animal Capture


Target: Animal Planet Group President, Marjorie Kaplan

Goal: Ensure TV program Call of the Wildman is punished for treating an animal brutally during the filming of the show

Many people are familiar with the wildlife adventures of Kentucky woodsman Ernie Brown Jr. In his show, Call of the Wildman, Brown is seen rescuing wild animals who have wandered into civilization and safely relocating them back into the wild. However, in a particular episode involving a trapped coyote, the show deliberately endangered the safety of the coyote for the sake of the reality show.

The coyote was sick and unresponsive after being trapped in a very small cage over a period of three days. Evidence gathered in the investigation indicates that the production company hired a handler to trap the coyote for the show. After seeing the condition the coyote was in, the production company brought in a replacement coyote. In this situation, it seems the TV program used these animals solely as props and nothing else. The health and safety of the coyote who was trapped for three days was simply dismissed when a replacement animal was brought in. The production company is not only guilty of endangering the safety of the coyotes, but is also in violation of Kentucky’s regulations which prohibit holding captured wildlife for over two days.

As further investigations continue, the TV show should receive repercussions that fit the crime. Sign this petition to help ensure the TV program receives the penalties and repercussions it deserves for harming a defenseless coyote for the sake of the show.


Dear Animal Planet Group President Marjorie Kaplan,

It has come to my attention that the show Call of the Wildman, featured on your channel, is under investigation for deliberately endangering the well-being of a coyote for the sake of production. It is baffling to me that a show dedicated to rescuing and relocating wild animals would purposefully harm a defenseless coyote in the interest of the TV program.

Once I learned that Kentucky authorities investigating the case are considering lightening up on the penalties against the TV program, I was utterly confounded. I believe that the production company should receive harsher penalties and should not be allowed to continue filming.

As a TV channel dedicated to animals, it perplexes me that you would allow a show such as this to continue filming. I urge you dole out repercussions that are well suited to the crime the production company has committed against this defenseless coyote, and prevent them from endangering any animal ever again.


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Photo credit: Todd Ryburn via flickr

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  1. This channel seems to be getting more and more capitalized. When it first came out, it was cutesy, saing and rescuing animals in harms way. Now it has gotten out of hand, I no longer watch this show.

    • I totally agree. I, too, no longer watch or support this show…seems it’s all about money now.
      I’d like to know who owns this production so I could write a ‘nice’ letter. I will also write an editorial for my Providence, RI, newspaper and hope they publish it.

  2. john singer says:

    I’ve tried unsuccessfully many times;to auto sign my petitions.It’s quite frustrating.Can someone @ Animal Petitions,please contact me,to set this up?Thank you,john singer

  3. It’s sad when even ANIMAL Planet is hurting animals. It’s really sad. MONEY Planet is what it should be called. People, wake up and wake people around you, this money craze is going out of control, we need to stop this insanity and save all the pour animal souls. Go vegan please and rescue animals and spread the word to everyone. They’re killing animals AND killing us. Let’s not let them win, how about that? Please people don’t let animals down. Save what’s left of the human decency, if any!

  4. Just more sleazy TV programming run by a sleazy production company. Scum of the earth.

  5. I expect a letter of apology to the public from this company because if not, we should all boycott the channel. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE in any way or means and will not be tolerated.


  6. Michael Guest says:

    Unacceptable. This tv show should not be filmed anymore.

  7. Barbara Crank says:

    This is not the first time I’ve heard of problems not only with Animal Planet, but Call of the Wildman. In fact I no longer watch Call of the Wildman. The producers of shows like this must answer to the public and should face fines and charges if they are mistreating animals for the sake of tv.

  8. Rosa Caldwell says:

    No animal show should be showing this. Shame on you. We have already had too much violence on TV about our animals.

  9. dementi decerebrati….

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