Shut Down Inhumane and Unsanitary Slaughterhouse


Target: Republic of Lebanon Minister of Agriculture Dr. Hussein Hajj Hassan

Goal: Shut down an ill-equipped and incredibly cruel slaughterhouse until it fully meets humane slaughter recommendations

An undercover investigation that was recently carried out by Compassion in World Farming has revealed the hellish and incredibly unsanitary conditions of the Beirut Public Slaughterhouse in Karantina, Lebanon. The cattle and sheep transported to the Beirut Public Slaughterhouse endure severe physical and psychological abuse prior to their painful deaths. Video footage shows fully-conscious cows being hung upside down by one leg for extended periods of time, their faces resting in the blood of previously slaughtered animals as they watch others being killed all around them. This barbaric mistreatment of animals has no place in society and must cease immediately.

According to investigators, the entire facility is coated with body parts, feces and layers of blood. Flocks of sheep are forced to jump over dead bodies and pools of blood as they are herded to the killing floor. In an attempt to flee, terrified cows and sheep slip on the bloody floors, slamming their faces down on the concrete. Other frightened animals that try to escape are viciously beaten with metal rods and then dragged back in the slaughter line to await death. The Beirut Public Slaughterhouse is simply not fit for operation, a fact that is proven by the extremely violent and aggressive handling of the innocent animals that are murdered there as well as the overall unsanitary conditions.

By signing this petition, you will be urging local government officials to shut down the Beirut Public Slaughterhouse until the facility has been completely renovated and its staff has been fully trained to meet the humane animal slaughter recommendations established by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). We must enforce higher slaughterhouse standards if we are to save thousands of animals from unnecessary trauma and torture.


Dear Dr. Hajj Hassan,

I am shocked and saddened to see that the Lebanese government is allowing the Beirut Public Slaughterhouse to operate despite the Compassion in World Farming’s recent undercover investigation that revealed the facility’s incredibly unsanitary conditions as well as its extremely distressing animal abuse. The Karantina facility must be shut down immediately and should only be permitted to reopen once it has been completely renovated and its staff has been fully trained to meet the humane animal slaughter recommendations established by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

Undercover investigators reported seeing cows and sheep brutally beaten with metal rods, tied and dragged through blood and feces-covered concrete floors, and even left suspended by one leg for hours at a time. This horrific mistreatment of animals has no place in modern society and these incredibly unsanitary slaughterhouse conditions threaten the health of Lebanon’s meat-eating citizens.

Please take immediate action to close the Beirut Public Slaughterhouse until it has been renovated and its staff has been trained to meet the humane slaughter recommendations set forth by the OIE.


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Photo credit: Thomas Bjorkan via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Barbara Griffith says:

    Its not just in this country that this goes on. It’s all over the Middle East, they don’t have any laws that protect the animals from extreme cruelty. I doubt anyone will pay any attention to a petition from another country.
    I signed it but I think its a waste of time.

  2. This is outreagous I cannot beleive people would do something like that??? How can you sleep at night???

  3. Nancy O'Neal says:

    I won’t waste my breath because I think you are to stupid to get it. I only pray you get your just desert and soon.

  4. Hunter Hancock says:

    Why are we even killing innocent animals in the first place, oh ya that’s right human beings like to act like they own everything and can do whatever they want, these so called human beings deserve to be the ones slaughtered. GO VEGAN!

  5. It doesn’t even occur to these Middle East savages that this is cruel. They treat women as well as they do these animals. They are backwards. The men over there seem to be afflicted with some kind of masochistic dominance sociopathy. Sick bastards.

  6. I hope ALL who eat tortured Animals CHOKE TO DEATH (slowly)

  7. PUT A STOP TO THESE SOCIOPATHS, THESE PSYCHOPATHS, who are clearly mentally unstable — What society would allow such horror? As if these animals are THINGS and not living beings …. finding this heartbreaking for the animals is putting it mildly … it’s downright savage & unconscionable …

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