End the Use of Animals in Circuses


Target: United States President of the Senate, Joe Biden

Goal: Ban the use of animals in circuses

Since their inception, circuses have been notorious for animal cruelty, even to this day. Though they are regulated and subject to welfare laws, undercover investigations have routinely exposed abuse towards animals, inadequate care, and deplorable neglect of animals such as elephants and big cats. Demand that United States government ban the use of animals in circuses.

Circus elephants spend their lives in cramped, crowded conditions without adequate stimulation. They are kept chained and tethered, and develop stereotypic and neurotic behaviors such as swaying and head bobbing, quite literally bored to near insanity. Elephants are incredibly intelligent animals, and the circus environment cannot give them the mental and physical stimulation they need. Many of them spend hours in confined areas without the ability to wander or explore large habitats, developing neuroses because they have nothing with which to occupy themselves, and they may be punished or reprimanded if they attempt to take out their frustration on their surroundings.

Without large habitats, complex social interactions, or objects with which to play, circus animals are condemned to stressful, boring environments that can’t meet their physical or emotional needs. Moreover, they are often punished during training, smacked with goads or electrocuted, and even deprived of food and water, as undercover videos have often revealed. Training is all too often physically abusive, relying on fear, pain, and intimidation to make animals comply.

Big cats, apes, bears, and other animals suffer the stresses of captivity in circuses as well, kept in too-small enclosures that cannot meet their physical or mental needs. Life in circuses means long periods spent in traveling cages on trains or barges, or placed on display before acts in tiny cages. Regulations allow big cats to be confined in small display cages for sixty days out of the year, a completely egregious violation of animal welfare. As a result, they too develop stereotypic behaviors such as relentless pacing, head-tossing, and weaving.

The temporary nature of circuses makes caring for these animals completely impossible. They are deprived of space and stimulation, suffering from social deprivation, and their needs are neglected or ignored. Training practices are often cruel and abusive, involving beatings and brutality to gain compliance. It is time to end the use of animals in circuses across the nation. It is time to stop this rampant cruelty in the name of entertainment.


Dear President of the Senate Joe Biden,

Despite the regulations against animal cruelty in circuses, it is very clear that this is simply not enough. Circuses cannot provide for these animals because of their temporary, traveling nature. Animals are confined in tiny cages, deprived of much-needed social interaction, and subjected to torment by circus trainers and visitors alike. Training is all too often based on abuse and fear, and trainers use physical violence to command obedience.

I demand that the United States government ban the use of animals in circuses entirely. It is inhumane, and completely inexcusable to continue the torment and suffering of wild and domestic animals alike in the name of entertainment. The cruelty of circuses is inherent, and it will not end until animals are removed entirely from the equation. The United States government must act now, and put an end to the suffering once and for all.


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Photo Credit: chensiyuan via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. He is useless.

  2. Patricia Wicker says:


  3. Sheila Jefferson says:

    This is NOT right and has NEVER been right.
    So PLEASE ban the use of these precious animals
    in circuses.
    Thank you.

  4. roberta sais says:

    the animals aren’t clown, respect them!!!

    respect life

  5. I have always hated circuses with a passion, all the beautiful animals large and small should never be in such a place and be made to do the things they do, then be caged up and ill treated, what is the matter with people, for pities sake close down all of them, and leave the animals where they belong, although not always safe there, at least they will live there natural life style, which is not in a circus

  6. We dont go to circus even my children and relatives there anymore. All animals go to animal sanctuary!

  7. There’s something very wrong with that photo: it should be 5 humans (men preferably) down on their knees in front of a tiger, bowing in shame and asking forgiveness from the tiger.

  8. Yasmin Whittle says:

    BOYCOTT circuses who use animals!!! These beautiful majestic creatures deserve a life in the wild, and not in some travelling circus for human entertainment!
    Hate these people who partake in anything to do with this – workers/viewers etc….

  9. Cloris Silva says:

    Ja deveriam ter acabado a muito tempo.

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