Commend End of Whaling in Antartica

Humpback Whales

Target: President of International Court of Justice, Peter Tomka

Goal: Commend court ruling that halts Japan from hunting whales in Antarctica

The United Nation’s International Court of Justice ruled against Japan, and stated that the country must stop whaling in Antarctica. For animal conservationists, this ruling comes as a huge victory. The decision saddens many in Japan, but the country states that it will adhere to the ruling. Sign this petition and commend the court for protecting our whales.

Despite a ban on commercial whaling by the United Whaling Commission in 1986, Japan used an article in the ban to continue whaling. So long as the whales captured and killed were of scientific research, Japan could continue whaling. A lawsuit brought before the United Nations by Australia, who claimed that Japan’s whaling program was not based on scientific research but for commercial purposes, finally settled the matter. The United Nations’ International Court of Justice ruled that Japan’s whaling was not for scientific purposes and the nation had to immediately stop. The court found that Japan was unable to address Australia’s concerns, one of them being whether nonlethal methods could be used instead of lethal methods to collect data.

Japan stated that it needed to collect the whales to obtain biological data about their pregnancy rates, ages at which they reproduce and other data. However animal conservationists note that data of this kind can be collected without killing the whales. Biopsies can be obtained with tissue samples with little harm done to the whale. There is some semblance of scientific research that happens when a Japanese whaling ship catches a whale, but most of the meat goes to the market. The nation also failed to justify their catch of 850 minke whales, 50 fin whales, and 50 humpbacks.

Unfortunately the ban only implicates the big whales, like the minke, humpback, and fins. Dolphins, porpoises, and other smaller to medium sized whales will be hunted. However the ban comes as a small victory and assures animal conservationists that there is support for our water mammals. Sign this petition and commend the International Justice Court for their decision.


Dear President Peter Tomka,

I wish to thank you for ruling in favor of Australia in the case that determined the fate of whales in Antarctica. I understand that many animal conservationists have been growing concerned at the rate whales are being hunted by Japan and to them this is a small victory.

I realize that even though Japan gave their word not to break this ban, the nation has broken the ban before. I also understand that if Japan were to break this law once more, there is little the United Nations can do. As a concerned human being, I will continue to pressure my government and Japan to ensure that whaling of this caliber does not happen again. Again I wish to thank you for your concern towards these great creatures.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Gregory Smith via flickr

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  1. wonderful news.

  2. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for protecting these beautiful whales
    They deserve to live life free and safe.

  4. it’s time that Aja made them stop fishing whales but it’d be better if they stopped who kills them with sonar too

  5. Good news. However, Japan will continue to kill. They will upset the balance of nature. The whales do not belong to Japan but to themselves. The eyes of the world will be upon Japan. I thank to all who have made some dents in the greedy whalers. I am from a whaling city and believe me it is nothing to be proud of. Whaling here eventually went out with the dark ages.

  6. I am so please to hear this news. Thank you Australia and those justices that gave this ruling. This ruling is and will forever be imprinted on the goal of saving whales and their horrific deaths in the hands of humans.
    I am so grateful for the job well done by Australia in their persistent in their commitments to help save the whales, together with those justices that gave this ruling.

  7. Deepest and respectful thank you to the Court —

    Glad you saw through Japan’s malarkey … WE MUST BE THE VOICE OF THE WHALES — WE MUST PROTECT THEM — THANK YOU!

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