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Civet Coffee

Target: General Public

Goal: Don’t buy civet coffee unless it is from a 100% cage free source

Civet coffee also known as ‘Kopi Luwak’ is a coffee made in Indonesia with the help of civets, a cat like mammal. It is one of the most expensive drinks, and one cup could cost up to $100. It’s made from coffee beans that have been excreted from civets, providing a smooth taste. However, because of high profits, many civets are trapped, caged, and force fed coffee cherries on a daily basis by coffee farmers. You can stop their suffering by promising to not purchase civet coffee made from inhumane means.

In a BBC report, investigators went under the guise of potential buyers in an Indonesia farm. There, investigators witnessed battery style cages where the civets were housed in cramped and filthy conditions. One investigator even spotted a severely injured civet, abolishing the idea that civet coffee was obtained through ‘wild, free roaming’ civets. These animals need space to climb, roam about, and basically behave like animals. But the civets are being treated as items, where they bring in profits to farmers.

It’s difficult to find genuine ‘cage-free’ or ‘wild’ civet coffee, as many businesses will market their coffee as such because it makes the product rare and sought after. It also allows businesses to charge a high price for the coffee. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are working with coffee retailers and coffee farmers to establish ethical guidelines for raising civets. The work is in its early stages, as caging civets for coffee is a relatively new discovery.

It is absolutely deplorable to keep animals in these filthy conditions for a cup of coffee. Unfortunately civet coffee can be purchased on Amazon or eBay, and other sites with a simple search. You can stop the suffering by refusing to purchase civet coffee, or purchasing it from a reputable retailer that does not cage their civets.


Dear General Public,

I am writing to tell you of the plight of the civets. These cat like mammals are trapped and caged because of their ability to produce a smooth tasting coffee called civet coffee, or kopi luwak. These animals eat coffee cherries and their excrement is gathered to produce an expensive coffee. One cup can cost upwards to $100 and brings high profits to retailers and farmers alike.

However this coffee comes at a cost. These civets are mistreated, housed in filthy cages, and their captors ignore their basic needs. I have pledged to not purchase civet coffee that comes from caged civets and I am asking you to do the same. These animals should not be made to suffer for a cup of coffee, and it is absolutely disgusting that humans are willing to subject civets to this kind of treatment. Please sign this petition and help their plight.


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Photo credit: surtr via Wikimedia

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  1. Look at this ghastly picture, now tell me you don’t want to do something? Please follow you instincts and do something for these poor suffering creatures.There is no excuse for this! You see having money is not everything, because who else will be paying an expensive price for coffee. This is worse than dispicable and those that do this are not even human but mutants with no heart or feeling. A cure be on them for ever. Along with those that sell and buy this stuff. “IGNORANT!”

  2. WHO in his/her right mind would even THINK of drinking/buying this coffee??? Some will & do sell their souls to the devil to satisfy greed. Hope to HELL they pay for their wrong doing. May they burn for all eternity.

  3. Where are their smarts? Where is their compassion? STOP!

    So many ways to earn a living — to put animals, living beings, through such suffering — where is their conscience?

    I wouldn’t buy this coffee even if it cost 5 cents! Believe it!

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