Ban Wildlife-Killing Rat Poison

Act against Wildlife-Killing Poisons

Target: Brian R. Leahy, Director of the California Department of Pesticide Regulation

Goal: Ban the use of dangerous pest poisons and restrict their sale to save wildlife

Thousands of wild animals have been killed in California as a result of poisoning from pest-killing substances. A recent regulation set in place by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) restricts over-the-counter sales to consumers, but doesn’t go far enough to restrict the sale of harmful substances to pest control companies, or online sales. These substances, such as Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides (SGARs), are responsible for the deaths of thousands of California’s wild animals – some of whom are endangered. Petition the director of the CDPR to strengthen the recent regulations in order to protect California’s wildlife.

Birds of prey, mountain lions, bobcats, foxes, and the endangered California fisher have all been documented in an 800-page report from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife as being harmed or killed by poisons. The poisons are being laid for pests, but when these pests are poisoned and their predators eat them, the predators in turn become poisoned. In this way, the poisons can make their way high up the food chain, affecting many consumers.

Although the CDPR’s decision to restrict sales of SGARs is to be commended, it simply does not go far enough to protect valuable wildlife. People may still buy their poisons online, and licensed pest control companies are also still allowed to use them, meaning the problem of wildlife poisoning will not entirely go away.

Petition the CDPR to further enhance their regulations, and save California’s wildlife.


Dear Mr. Leahy,

Firstly, I write to you in appreciation of your decision to restrict over-the-counter sales of SGARs. This is to be commended after a long battle against tough opposition. However, I must write to you urging a further restriction of the sale of these poisons, both online and for the use of pest control companies.

These poisons – as noted in an 800-page document by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife – are killing thousands of wild animals. By restricting their sales, you will certainly save some animals – but not enough.

SGARs are ingested by rodents and pests, some of whom are then eaten by consumers, potentially poisoning animals high up into the food chain. While people can still buy these products online easily, and while pest control companies continue to use them, there is still a great danger to California’s wildlife – especially endangered species such as the California fisher.

I urge you, Mr. Leahy, to ban these poisons and promote other forms of pest control such as snap traps and devices which will not harm wildlife if they eat the pest animals. Ban pest control companies from using poison and place stringent restrictions for online sales.

I respectfully ask that you consider the true affect of these poisons on your wildlife. Protect California’s wildlife which is at the mercy of harmful substances before some species are wiped out in your state.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Mia & Steve Mestdagh via Flickr

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  1. I can’t believe how many people do not realize the longstanding and far-reaching effects of many poisons used for rodent control. We lost quite a few owls last summer as a result of these SGARs. Terrible!

  2. this is a horrific way to kill anything, and so stupid, why are you hurting so many animals. for pities sake. just leave them alone.

  3. Simon Draper says:

    It’s a miracle we have any wildlife left. They are being annihilated from every angle whether it be floods, droughts or wildfires caused by climate change or destruction of their habitat to make way for agriculture or urban sprawl and what little unspoiled habitat is left is soon polluted by a cocktail of chemicals. Or they are simply killed for the multitude of ways in which humans exploit them for entertainment, vanity or just pure greed, stupidity and evilness.

  4. Romola Newport Romola Newport says:

    Stop killing these beautiful creatures we need them on earth more than we need humans.

  5. Marilyn S says:


  6. Marilyn S says:


  7. Christina Anderson says:

    May those who kill wildlife for any reason perish themselves. What goes around eventually comes around. Either in this life or the one to come. They will eventually get theirs, but not soon enough.

  8. Do everyone a favor: poison the ones who use poison. Humans are a blight on the face of the earth.


    How irrational and psychopathic —

    Where’s the compassion? Where is one’s conscience?

    How could anyone do this! Are they mentally unstable?

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