Urge Military to Stop Killing Animals

BEST practice act

Target: Representative Hank Johnson

Goal: End the killing of animals for military training

The Battlefield Excellence through Superior Training Practices Act or the “BEST Practices Act” is a proposal to end animal-based training for the US military by 2018. The bill would prevent military personnel from using animals to train for combat and medical situations. High-fidelity simulators, a kind of mannequin, would be implemented instead. The military is already using the simulators in other training areas, however support is still needed to convince Congress that it is necessary in this area.

Over 6,000 animals are used to train doctors, medics, and other personnel on how to respond to emergency combat injuries. Because simulators are built to mimic human anatomy, it only makes sense to employ this technology instead of crudely using animals.

Representative Hank Johnson proposed the bill as a means to phase out the use of animals. Senator Ron Wyden agreed, “It’s wrong to kill animals when better training methods exist.” However Congress has considered passing this bill twice before and it has till not been enacted. Sign and show your support for the implementation of humane military training practices.


Dear Representative Johnson,

The benefits of enacting the BEST Practice Act are indisputable, yet the bill has not yet received the attention it deserves. Military members should be exposed to the most advanced training methods available, however some are still receiving training that is equivalent to that of high school science students. The BEST Practice Act should be implemented as soon as possible if animals are to be phased out by 2018.

The Department of Defense acknowledged that by 2014 simulators will be able to mimic common battlefield injuries. Scientific research has shown that high-fidelity simulators improve safety for patients and reduce doctor mistakes. Medical experts have clearly stated that operating on pigs and goats does not adequately prepare medical students to operate on humans. Anatomical differences make this kind of training completely unreliable, and in comparison to simulators it is clearly inferior.

Using animals for medical training is not only inhumane, but also an unwise use of American tax dollars. Now that superior technology exists and is readily available, continuing the injury and slaughter of animals would be extremely unethical. Over 6,000 animals currently suffer and die each year.

This bill has been in waiting for years and the US military is capable of making the change. Please promote the enactment of the Best Practice Act for the sake of animals and proper military training.


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Photo credit: Gertrud Zach via Wikimedia

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  1. Paula Thurston says:


  2. Cecily Colloby. says:

    Another bunch of sadists-why don’t they practice on each other?? They deserve to suffer if they are actually capable of doing this to animals. Yet again animals made to suffer for wars they aren’t responsible for. Prisons are full of paedophiles who could be used for this-why the hell aren’t we using them??

  3. this really is a sickening thing to be going on, and I am sure it is not needed, find another way, leave the poor animals alone.

  4. no comment..militari depravati assassini e senza cervello. crepaste tutti, entro 1/2 ora

  5. Stan Benton says:

    Maybe our military should stop killing humans as well as animals; then perhaps the rest of the world wouldn’t hate us as much?

  6. Marilyn S says:

    Senseless stupidity cruelty!! Get deacons dumbasses!!

  7. I agree with others about using terrorists, murderers and rapists for military training, NOT innocent animals who have hurt no-one. Bloody sick human bastards

  8. This horror & unconscionable cruel brutality upon animals, upon living beings MUST COME TO A PERMANENT STOP! — REMEMBER — those who are cruel to animals cannot be righteous human beings. REMEMBER, the greatness of a nation & its society & its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

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