Rehire Teacher Fired for Animal Rights Advocacy

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Target: School Board President Brent Steiner

Goal: Apologize for dismissing a teacher because of his animal rights activism, and offer him his job back

After posting a Facebook status critiquing the practices of a local dairy farm, Keith Allison was informed that the school district he taught for would not be renewing his one-year contract. Allison, a Title One teacher, was well respected at the school, but the school claimed that the owners of the farm had complained and the district was worried about losing money. According to Allison, the school also told him that if he wanted “to be a strong Vegan advocate, [he] might want to look into doing something other than teaching.”

The post to Allison’s Facebook page simply said that he rejected the idea that separating baby cows from their mothers to raise them in crates could be humane. Allison was expressing his opinion and calling for compassion and humane treatment for animals, but the school claimed that the farm in his pictures was afraid of retribution by animal rights activists. While the school was within its rights not to renew his contract, citing his veganism as a reason he wouldn’t make a good teacher and dismissing him because he calmly expressed his feelings on his personal Facebook page is unethical.

Allison is seeking reinstatement, back pay, and an apology. The school district’s handling of this case has been unacceptable—refusing to reinstate a contract because a teacher expressed his personal beliefs about animal welfare and then claiming that veganism and a teaching career can’t work together is unprofessional and unethical. Support Keith Allison by asking the school board president to reevaluate the board’s position and apologize for their treatment of the teacher.


Dear President Steiner,

When Keith Allison was dismissed for a status posted on his personal Facebook page, he was told that his being an advocate for animal rights meant he should pursue a career in something other than teaching. As a Title One teacher with an interest in animal rights, Allison is clearly compassionate—what better quality could a teacher have?

Green Local Schools needs to apologize for its treatment of Allison. His critique of the dairy industry was made on a personal Facebook page and the district’s handling of his dismissal was unprofessional. While a good relationship with the community that funds the school is undeniably important, so is the treatment of the district’s instructors.

Please reconsider Allison’s dismissal. While his personal beliefs may not align with the district’s, there are plenty of ways to approach the issue before choosing not to renew his contract. Please apologize for the poor handling of this issue.


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Photo credit: ceridwen at Wikimedia Commons

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  1. I hate to break it to everyone on this blog but all dairy’s have to raise their calves on a bottle, this is how it has always been done in the US. The only calves raised with the mother is the beef calves on cattle ranches. Because the cows give to much milk for the one calf. The cow produces enough milk daily to feed three calves. The cows have to be milked several times a day using milking machines, this is where all of the dairy products in the super markets come from. The calves are female and will be used as replacement milk cows when they grow up. But I think it was wrong for the school to fire a good teacher that shows pure ignorance on the part of the school superintendent

    But it looks like this isn’t the only employee that has lost their job over putting remarks on their face book pages. It seems that employers are looking up their employees pages to check to see if they are dissing their bosses. Its smarter to not mention your job or boss it’s not worth the trouble it can cause.

  2. The farm can complain but the teacher cannot… Doesn’t sound quite right somehow. And how come someone defending animal life oughtn’t to be a teacher? Doesn’t make sense either, on the contrary!

  3. This teacher has a right to post his opinion which is not vulgar without a threat of losing his job. HIRE A TOP NOTCH ATTORNEY AND GET YOUR JOB BACK. I’M SURE THAT YOU ARE IN THE UNION WHERE ARE THEY AND WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO GET YOUR JOB BACK???

  4. MORONS !!!! As a teacher he is the one to educate the students about compassion and where is the free speech????

  5. No government body may constitutionally deprive a person of life, liberty or property without due process of law. Facts appear clear that he was deprived of his job for exercising his constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech. Suggest he ask the American Civil Liberties Union for suggestions or/and free assistance.

  6. The last time I checked, the U.S. is a DEMOCRACY with FREE SPEECH–

    What’s more, advocating to do GOOD in society is what we all should be putting out there —

    Animal Rights is an excellent cause — animals need us to intervene on their behalf — we care abut and love animals —


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