Save Panthers from Big Oil


Target: Fred McManus, EPA Region 4 Ground Water Chief
Goal: Protect remaining panthers from extinction at the hands of Big Oil

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  1. Michael Guest says:

    You can’t let this happen. Please save these wild creatures before they vanish. The Big Oil does not belong.

  2. Dawn Smith says:

    Stop this now

  3. this is too much greed destroying everything is sight where are the panthers suppose to go we are destroying their habitat we will not have a mother nature if greed gets worst so please save the panthers or it will be to late.

  4. erin dewey says:

    Please take the lead and leave the panthers habitat alone as humans haven’t we destroyed enough in the name of big oil!! We are only killing ourselves in the end. What will be left? Money can’t save us!

  5. This is sad.

  6. iris neuwirth says:

    Every animal have the right to live !!! Don´t take them lives and living area !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. iris neuwirth says:

    Every animal have the right to live !!! Don´t take them lifes and living area !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Luca Piccinelli says:


  9. colleen van der Linde says:

    Big oil has no right to do this…. Pls stop them.

  10. Jana Noble says:

    Yet another sad story. You must stop them!

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