Reprimand Slaughterhouse for Atrocious Animal Abuse


Target: Raul Fernandez, Drug dealer and owner of illegal slaughterhouse

Goal: Chastise drug dealer for obscene animal cruelty

The worst case of animal abuse documented in the United States took place at an unlicensed slaughterhouse in Florida where drug dealer and owner, Raul Fernandez, shot, stabbed, beat and boiled animals alive — all for the sake of a profit.

The 53-year-old and his team of butchers were caught on video by an undercover animal welfare group, Animal Recovery Mission, carrying out horrific acts of animal cruelty and violence against innocent pigs, wild boars and goats. The investigation revealed Fernandez and his staff members drinking beers and laughing hysterically as they tortured dying animals.

Visited by undercover members of the Miami police and Animal Recovery Mission, the illegal, unlicensed slaughterhouse quickly transformed into a house of horrors as a cameraman inquired about purchasing a whole pig. Intrigued, a member of Fernandez’s staff set out to find the perfect hog, where the obscenities were filmed on a hidden camera. One butcher is caught shooting a wild boar in the head and dragging it 150 feet to its fate with a metal hook through its jaw. Another worker beats a screaming pig with a mallet before stabbing it. Lastly, a helpless goat has its neck sliced and blood drained while wooden slabs are attached to its legs in preparation for a dunk into a vat of boiling water.

It is reported that there are a slue of illegal, unlicensed slaughterhouses all across Miami-Dade County, but none as savage as Fernandez’s farm. State attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle stated that “No legitimate slaughterhouse operator or any self-respecting farmer would treat his livestock in such a ghastly manner…” Further, the cameraman responsible for the footage also revealed that many undercover operators quit after witnessing the inhumane treatment of animals on these so-called ‘farms.’

Although Fernandez’s slaughterhouse has since been shut down, there are still countless other places scattered throughout Miami-Dade County that torture chickens, pigs and even horses. Sign this petition to reprimand Raul Fernandez for his unthinkable brutality against animals.


Dear Raul Fernandez,

The ghastly, inconceivable torture you inflicted upon animals in your slaughterhouse is simply unforgivable. No self-respecting individual would ever carry out such brutality for the sake of a profit. You should be ashamed and embarrassed for the needless, cold-blooded acts of violence you, and countless other butchers, administered in your house of horrors.

You call yourself a ‘farmer’, but you are nothing more than a merciless murderer. What baffles me the most is how a consumer can witness such heinous attacks on innocent animals at your slaughterhouse and still think it ‘okay’ to buy meat from your establishment. Your conduct is deplorable and I hope you spend your time in jail regretting all the pain you’ve caused these animals and are never allowed to operate another ‘farm’ or step foot near a slaughterhouse ever again.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Myrabella via wikimedia

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  1. Paula Thurston says:

    this evil scum drug dealer should already be in jail, being beaten and raped like he deserves to be, hope he suffers for months on end till he dies, choking on his own blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. roberta sais says:

    This “person” ….
    is a dead man walking ….
    he is living his own personal hell … but he doesn’t know it
    must be stopped

    shame shame shame

  3. Not only should this scum bag spend life in prison, every sleaze bag “employee” and every monster bystander who saw these atrocities being committed should be charged for letting it happen. Miami is teeming with some of the sorriest excuses for human beings imaginable. There is no excuse for this sleazy enterprise to exist, nevermind thrive, anywhere. Deplorable.

  4. Corinne Müller says:

    Why reprimand?! Why not cut his throat, of this fascist-sadist Fernandez -Fascistandez and of all his gang and throw them into the vat with boiling water, all of them together.
    That would be the right punishment for them and their followers. They have no right to set their dreadful feet on our earth!

  5. Only ignorant psychopaths, mentally deficient monsters could engage in such cruelty and horror — where’s their conscience? where’s their morality? where’s their sanity?

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