Stop Slaughtering Tigers for Entertainment


Target: Xi Jingping, President of China

Goal: End the slaughter of tigers in China as a symbol of stature

Tiger slaughters have been a problem in China for nearly a century, but over the last few years it has become a symbol of stature for wealthy businessmen to not only have tigers slaughtered for their meat and bones, but also to be able to witness the slaughter as a form of entertainment. This egregious practice must be stopped immediately before the tiger population is devastated beyond repair.

More than ten tigers have been killed in the last five years solely for the purpose of entertaining officials and wealthy business people who gather to watch in order to show off their social stature. These events are described as “visual feasts.” Police in the city of Zhanjiang recently discovered a freshly slaughtered tiger and other tiger products in a raid. A video taken two years ago shows a tiger in a cage having an electrified mass forced into its mouth with stick. After being electrocuted for more than ten seconds, the tiger finally collapses.

An experienced butcher is usually hired to attend so that various parts of the animal can be salvaged and sold. Tiger bones can sell for an average of 14,000 yuan per kilo and meat for an average of 1,000 yuan per kilo. It is most common for the businessmen to purchase the meat and bones to give to the officials as gifts. One butcher, who jumped to his death fleeing from the police during the raid, had killed more than ten animals. The tigers are anesthetized then brought to the location, but the butcher makes sure the animal is alive at the time of the slaughter.

Tiger bones have been a common ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries because of the belief that they strengthen the body. Despite the fact that they have been removed from all ingredient lists throughout the country, there is still a demand for them among the wealthy. The industry has reduced the tiger population in China from 100,000 to a mere 3,000 over the course of the last century.

Please sign the petition below and demand that the Chinese government crack down on this horrendous practice before the tiger population is set back any further.


Dear President Xi,

Tiger slaughters are quickly becoming a serious problem. Officials and wealthy business people have killed more than ten tigers over the past few years solely for the purpose of entertainment. The tigers are then butchered and the business people purchase their bones and meat to give to the officials as gifts as a symbol of status.

Despite the fact that tiger products have been eliminated from ingredient lists across the country, there is still a demand. The tiger population in China has declined to a mere 3,000 and it cannot afford decline any further. Please stop these egregious and selfish slaughters now.


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Photo credit: Tombako the Jaguar via Flickr

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  1. Why don’t they (people)eat one another. They are ugly, the animals are pure and innocent and should be left alone from these barbaric and canibalistic people. At least once the tigers are executed, they will suffer no more, they will be in peace, in which there is none of in this disgusting country.

  2. Cecily Colloby. says:

    For God’s sake is there NOTHING this vile race of sub humans won’t stoop to??? Just when you think you have heard it all, the Chinese come up with yet another form of animal torture of the most sickening and depraved nature. However they WILL get their come-uppance when they meet their Maker and have to account for their actions.Hopefully they will suffer eternal torture while the animals who have suffered at their hands will be in Heavenly bliss.

  3. What a horror! Who the hell does this?

  4. Pearl RAikin says:

    What is wrong with these people? How about threying some of this on themselves? Animals don’t deserve to be treated like this anymore than humans do.

  5. KatWrangler says:

    I don’t like to pick on other cultures but the Chinese are really pushing the envelope in how much more inhumane they can become. What the Hell is wrong with these people?
    And we kiss their ass by buying their crappy products. They need us a whole lot more then we, or the world, or the planet needs them.

  6. night magic says:

    how could anyone hurt an animal i just dont understand it they are not there for our pleasure and no one ever has the right to hurt a living creature .they deserve to live a peaceful life free of fear of humans who should be protecting them .what is happening to this world and human compassion !!! lots of tears

  7. Paula Thurston says:

    YOU SUCK!!!!!
    DROP DEAD!!!!



  9. Only ignorant psychopaths, mentally deficient monsters could engage in such cruelty and horror — where’s their conscience? where’s their morality? where’s their sanity?

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