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Target: Zhang Dejiang, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, China

Goal: Show support for a new bill that would update and improve decades-old animal protection laws

China will soon implement new animal protection laws for the first time in nearly three decades. The law, which is currently being drafted, seeks to reduce the trade and consumption of wild animals, an issue rampant in some parts of the country. It will increase protection for all wildlife and wild animals in captivity, and will even protect animals captured from the wild and forced to perform for entertainment. Most notably, it will be the first time that animal welfare is recognized by the legal system.

Endangered and rare animals are commonly caught for food or traditional medicine purposes. Giant salamander meat, tiger bones, black bear bile, and sea turtle meat are all highly sought-after items that drive black market trade with their high sale prices. Though these animals are protected, there is little enforcement and offenders are rarely prosecuted.

Currently, the only animal protection legislation in China was made in the 1980s, and is outdated and nearly useless in modern times. The law lends no protection to domestic and farm animals, and only limited protection to endangered species. Unlike most modern laws, the legislation includes no guidelines to punish offenders.

A law aimed at protecting the welfare of wild and captive animals could set a precedent for further improvements in China’s animal rights landscape. Sign the petition below to applaud the creation of updated and more comprehensive animal protection legislation, and show your support for the bill’s passing.


Dear Chairman Zhang Dejiang,

China is in the process of drafting its first animal protection bill in nearly three decades. Rather than simply attempting to conserve endangered species, the bill will legally recognize animal welfare. It will help reduce the capture and trade of wild animals for food, and will protect captive wild animals in zoos and circuses.

Wild animals in China face danger from hunters, poachers, and exotic pet traffickers. Some species, including sea turtles and giant salamanders, have been seriously impacted by this excessive hunting, their populations declining significantly.

With current conservation laws in China so outdated, this bill is particularly important. It will help modernize animal welfare in China and could set precedent for further protection of animals, including those on farms and kept as pets. We, the undersigned, applaud the drafting of new animal welfare legislation and support it being signed into law.


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Photo credit: Sumeet Moghe via WikiMedia Commons

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  1. This is wonderful news and the world gains new respect for:

    Zhang Dejiang, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, China

    Too bad I just read they are now SKINNING DOGS – CATCHPOLE – BEATEN OVER THE HEAD – THROAT SLIT AND SKINNED ALIVE FOR INDUSTRIAL GLOVES AND GLOVES! You are an advanced country in so many ways – use synthetic products and leave the ANIMALS out of your money-hungry scenario – Please!

  2. Improvements and a change in attitude can only be given worldwide praise. May it spread to every known facet of the sector (including open markets, restaurants, ‘dog meat festivals’ etc. ). There is no blaming ‘cultural differences’ where a lack of compassion for our fellow creatures is involved, more a matter of basic education – or the lack of it!

  3. China needs to change their barbaric ways now!

  4. Despina M. Andrelus says:

    “A righteous man regards the life of animals” – PROVERBS 12:10; “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion & pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men” – ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI; “Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.” – MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.; “I hope to make people realize how totally helpless animals are, how dependent on us, trusting as a child must that we will be kind and take care of their needs… (They) are an obligation put on us, a responsibility we have no rights to neglect, nor to violate by cruelty….” – JAMES HARRIOT; “The greatness of a nation & its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – MAHATMA GANDHI

  5. Jean-Louis Rubens says:


  6. PLEASE, PLACE THE CARE AND PROTECTION OF ANIMALS FIRST ON YOUR LIST! Let us all be rational, compassionate with conscience and morals — WE ALL HAVE A CHOICE — to be loving and caring OR to be cruel & unconscionable — to do what is right OR to do what is NOT right!

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